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Richard served as a panelist on Match Game, of which became an inspiration for the Feud. Hollywood, California, 90028. - Gene Wood (1976-1980) - Version A. Richard: If you and your family want to be on Family Feud. Write to: Family Feud Contestants 6430 Sunset Blvd. Harvey: Yeah, man. Contestant: In nothing. - Ray Combs on a Fast Money loss. Whichever leader gives the highest scoring (most popular) answer gets to decide if their team will play through the survey or pass it off to the other team. It's packed with side-splitting humor and charm. Thank you, America." Combs:[during Fast Money]A word used to describe a plane flight. [buzzer] Dawson[to the other family]: Name something made of leather that a cowboy uses. [ The Baldwins clap and cheer ] Ray Combs: Can I see a fax machiiiiine! - Richard Dawson on the first taped episode of his 1994 comeback. The channel changes to a political debate. Harvey:(mocking her) "We're goin' for the money, so that makes it alright! Harvey: We asked one hundred women, name a reason you'd dump a guy. I DIDN'TMAKEYOU SAY IT IN THE FIRST PLACE! Dawson: Name an article of clothing that children are always losing. - Louie Anderson (said during the Triple Round from 2000-2002), "Round four. "You got the cash/$5,000/$10,000!" Combs: When kids finally move out of the house, name something specific they often leave behind. Dawson: Who is it that you don't want to see the results of your IQ test? And he sawabsolutely nothingwrong! Traditionally, Family Feud teams consist of five players, so teams of 4 to 6 are ideal. Groups and organizations are most welcome." (with hisAl salute)- Richard Karn (2002-2003), "Come on back tomorrow, you don't want to miss it/this!" - Richard Dawson/Ray Combs (said when a contestant checks the answers in Fast Money), "(insert name) is offstage where he/she can't see your answers. (cheers and applause) RICHARD: You can stop here again, here please. A food associated with Christmas. O'Hurley: 401 Contestant: 401(k) jelly. Contestant: Orange. I've done lots and lots of jobs, and I've never, ever had a job like Family Feud. Karn: Name something you push a pin into.Contestant: Your eye. Tim, give me your hand." We'll settle this Feud right after this. I think I'm prepared, soif you're ready, let's have the first item up for bids! family feud sounds at triggered events (sounds are subject to copyright and will be changed later) timers for fast money 1 and 2 game window screen can go back in history Changeable team names Hostable/Joinable Rooms with generated room codes Localization support English Espaol Indonesian Start Pork, he say upine, upine. Thank you, thank you! - Richard Dawson on the first episode of daily syndicated version from 1977, "Thank you. Dawson: Next question, what time do you get off from work? (insert winning family) are going for the money/(insert money amount) right after (we watch) this." Combs: To name a dangerous, dangerous piece of playground equipment, you said "a tire." Heres the question, please listen carefully. - Richard Dawson (to both families during a Triple Roubd when time is running short), "I'm only going to read the question as few times as possible." Now, Family Feud can be enjoyed twice a day, for twice as much fun with the greatest families in America battling it out for their family honor, and in the evening version, they're playing for $10,000." "- Ray Combs on the first episode of the Bullseye Round from The New Family Feud in 1992, "Welcome to the Family Feud. GENE: Because they love you, Richard. [strike]. ", 19761985; 19941995: Good ain't gonna sound right, the medical term is almost worse a slang term would at least make your ding-a-ling something. ", 20022003: - John O'Hurley, "First team/family to (reach) [[1]]points/dollars plays Fast Money for (insert amount)! And now, here's the star of our show,STEVE HARVEY!!! (to Jason Black, a contestant) All right, Jason; the man who knows all things depilotory! - Family Feud host (on the second and later Face-Off questions; Ray Combs and Richard Karn will not say the first line on the second and later questions; since 2010, Steve Harvey will not say the first line at the start of Round 1), "We asked 100 people these five questions." Send a postcard to: Contestants, Family Feud, 6430 Sunset Blvd. - Gene Wood and Richard Dawson (1978-1980) - Version B. Harvey: Yeah, Don't say it. Contestant: No. I don't like this game. You're about to see these two teams battle it out, for $10,000/$20,000 in cash/for their favorite charities, cause it's time to play the FAMILY FEUD!!!! Contestant 2: Ham. - Richard Dawson (to recap the scoring after every main-game), "We're Feuding (on CBS)!" ", "To steal the points/For the win/a new car/Sudden Death, (insert answer)! [scored 9 points]. Combs: Wet [[laughter]] Shut up, or I'll kill you! (Don't go away/Stay right there.)" - Host, "If (number of people needed) said (2nd player's answer to final question), you'll win $XX,XXX." Let's try to hit the Bullseye answers for more than $25,000! What would he want to be buried in other than a casket? DISPLAY SLIDE 1 - TITLE SLIDE "FAMILY FEUD" Sound Effect - TV Show Theme Song THE HOST ENTERS (Waving to the audience, carrying a stack of game show cards) HOST Journalist: The war in Bolodzka raged on today as rebel troops seized control. The bl-, the Black Zombies! Contestant: Uh,can I say nekkid? - John O'Hurley (going to a final commercial break before Fast Money is played; 2006-2009), "And remember, if you win five games, you win the brand new car." Dawson: Besides a bird, something in a birdcage. Decide who will go first each round In the normal game, one player from each team approaches the podium. It's all about points. Thank you. Thank you for the ovation, and thank you for joining us at home. I'm(your man) Steve Harvey, and we/we'vegot a/anothergood one for you tonight! HOO! (NOTE: Remember that the slides with the answers display them in order from 1 to 5. ", Celebrity Family Feud (2008, other episodes): "Tonight on Celebrity Family Feud, it's(insert montage)(insert celebrity team #1)! - Richard Dawson from his emotionally-driven farewell speech from the 1985 series finale. - Host (Talking to the Judges that they needed to be more specific of an answer. Combs: Van Waylon. While Ray wont be around for this revival of the Feud, we will remember him for being part of our family, and we will miss him. - Louie Anderson (commemorating former Feud host Ray Combs, who died in 1996, in the premiere episode of the 1999 revival), Hi, folks. First up is the Rank Video Game PowerPoint Template. Contestant (anAir Forcecaptain):Yogi. Dawson: Name something you buy in a delicatessen. ONE TALL STAND IS POSITIONED IN THE CENTER OF THE STAGE. Thank you." If you live in the San Diego area (or expect to be there), call area code [[3]]. Richard Dawson: Alright, there's our families, now let's start the Feud! "You know, I've done this show for six years, and this could be the first time that I had a person that actually got no points, and I think it's a damn fine way to go out. - Richard Dawson from the 1975 pilot, "Thank you, oh, thank you! START OF THE SPIEL: "If it's not there, (insert family teamname) "This answer is for/worth a brand new car. HOO! And the Mandic Family: Bonnie, Bob Jr., Bob Sr., Tim and Diana, on your marks! (laughter from the studio audience)Let's get started, let's play the Feud." Now today, we have two families going to do battle for the chance at playing Fast Money, for a jackpot that could be worth more than $5,000! There were people I know that got upset, that I kiss people; I kiss them for luck and love, that's all. Dawson: Name something Russia is famous for. The original host was Richard Dawson, but Steve Harvey runs the show today! Politician 1: You're not answering the question! Besides, he hosted the very same show I'm hosting now! Game Shows Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Thank you." Whoever gets this Top/(Number) Oneanswer wins/will win the game." Harvey: We asked 100 men, tell me the perfect height for a woman. In the Continental U.S., call [[6]]. Karn: Name a sport that'sNOTplayed with a ball.Contestant:Bowling. What a life? Billy, one hudred people surveyed: something you find in the bathroom. There were people upset, that I would embrace or hug someone of a different color. Los Angeles, CA, 90036!" Let's start the FAMILY FEUD!!!! What is Family Feud? Combs: Their husbands? FAMILY FEUD HOSTS GO OFF SCRIPT! Combs: Name a liquid that people drink when they're sick. Thank-(hitting the end music in the air with his fist) Thank you so very much, thank you for tuning in at home. I thanked my crew, and I thanked my director already. It's the (insert family #1), playing against, the (insert family #2)! - Ray Combs during the Fast Money Round, "ZEROOOOOOO!" Today, we're going to see two wonderful families battle it out for family honoron their way to $5,000, with a chance for $5,000. It all starts now,with your host AL ROKER!!! Just drop them in the ground. Come here, give the animal right here. Harvey: Little late for that. Now, here's the star of our show, RICHARD KARN!!! [contestant buzzes in], Combs: Let me see "condoms" for $4,000. O'Hurley: Besides America, name a country that starts with the letter A.Contestant 1:Asia.Contestant 2:Amsterdam. (Upon the Champion's 5th and final game for the car), Im sorry! Combs:[during Fast Money]A person's last request. Harvey: We have 4 answers up there but we only have one strike. - Steve Harvey from the first episode from 2010, "You fell short/failed to get/win the big money last time." - Ray Combs about the Bullseye Round, "We'll get started right now, with the Bullseye round, and we'll put $15,000 in their banks. Just help me. Let me say that, first of all, its a pleasure to be with you. Combs: Describe the weather with a word or phrase that could also describe your wife. Contestant Kenneth: Your shoes. (insert first winning family member). - Richard Dawson/Ray Combs, said when a player fails to reach 200 points in the Fast Money round. Let's startthe championship match on the new FAMILY FEUD CHALLENGE!!!! (On your marks! O'Hurley: A magazine you'd hate to find in your child's bedroom.Contestant: Weapons-R-Us. Thank you. (camera snapshot)God bless all the little children in the world. The family introductions vary per special edition of the show. Come on back and see us." Boy, we gotta be able to change those names sometimes, don't we. Karn: Name a road sign that describes your love life.Contestant: Slippery when wet.Karn: This is starting to feel like the oldMatch Game, you know. Sure! Dawson: [laughs] Cuckoo [laughs & crowd laughs] A foo-- How the hell did you people get on this show? - Richard Karn (going to a final commercial break before Fast Money is played; 2003-2006), "I need two people for Fast Money. Link 'n' Share. So, I leave you with love, and for the little girl, that,nine years ago I first signed to - I guess she's 13 now - I'll think of you everyday. Dawson: Name a part of a telephone. Dawson: Oh, okaylet us see what he said! Leading the team is the new next host of "The Tonight Show" Jimmy Fallon! Oprah Winfrey! (tosses his card off stage)" - Louie Anderson (1999-2002), "See ya next time, on the Feud!" It's/Welcome the (insert family #2)!" If you said the number 1 answer is (insert answer) [off-screen arrow/dart hits the Bullseye], you('ve) hit the Bullseye (on The New Family Feud)! If you can get 100 points in the Fast Money round, you will earn 500 bonus points. I had the best staff you've ever dreamed of. - Richard Dawson from his 1995 "America's Finest" week season finale. - Ray Combs (upon a strong shout sometimes whenever an answer scored zero in Fast Money), "Didn't make our survey." You can't but you don't have to dream of them, 'cause I'm gonna take them with me. O'Hurley: We asked 100 womenname a place you'd hate to discover you were growing hair. (insert two winning family members). Bing. Welcome Campbell family, welcome Del Campos. Even if I never work again, they'll just be near me. "Hey! Harvey: At what age does a person struggle to stay up til midnight on New Year's Eve. - Richard Dawson (1976-1985; 1994-1995), "For the (Family) Feud, I'm Ray Combs saying thank you for watching. O'Hurley: If a baby didn't want his mother leaving the house, name something he might try hiding in his diaper.Contestant:Kelly Clarkson. And from "How I Met Dat Mama" Miss Alyson Hannagan! - Ray Combs when a family member hit it right on the nose during the Bullseye Round. The player that has control of the round will keep guessing and collecting points until they guess all . In 15/20seconds, I'll ask you five questions, you give me five answers; try to give me the most popular answers. O'Hurley: Name a mischievous animal.Contestant: Uh Beaver! Dawson: Name a time that most people go to bed. SCRIPT FOR FAMILY FEUD - ILS IN APPLIED ECONOMICS *Title of the game show appears Voice over- Patuloy ang labanan para sa P250,000 dito sa Family Feud. Harvey: Name something that you pass around.Contestant: A joint. Harvey: What?! Dawson: Name a time that most people get up. Contestant: Maybeher husband's home. (Our)Survey said/says!" Harvey: You calmy said. - Richard Karn (2004-2006), "I'm John O'Hurley saying goodbye for now." Harvey:Forgive me, I'm sorry. Celebrity Family Feud Revival (2015Present): Burton: "It's time for Celebrity Family Feud! - Steve Harvey (2010-present), "I'm Steve Harvey. ), A Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Production." ([. - Steves opening tagline,the speech in parenthesesis used since 2011, "Before we start, there's somebody/someone who wants to wish you luck (in this Comfort Inn Hotel Family Moment)." Karn: Name a famous Dennis.Contestant: Buddy Holly. Harvey:Without hesitation. Anderson: Name something teenage boys can do for hours at a time. Harvey:We'll be right back! - Ray Combs, "You need 1XX points. Welcome to the Family Feud Challenge. We have got a marvelous show for ya, and I just want you to enjoy it! Dawson: Name something that can kill a lively party. (second player heads off to the soundproof booth) (insert winning family) are playing for $10,000/$20,000!" I was the first one to buzz in, so I'll just take my time answering this. Folks, we have some sad news to give to you. - Gene Wood (1985 Daytime Finale). We surveyed 100 people; top (insert number) answers areon the board. Harvey: "Freddy Kr- who the hell are youmarriedto?!". "Please do not ask me to repeat the question, because I am only going to read it once." Harvey: Name something that gets passed aroundContestant: A Joint. We'll miss you, Louie." Harvey: Wehave a new device now called YouTube, you will be a amazing star. - Richard Dawson giving his opening speech on the 1985 ABC finale season. And there was every color you could imagine, and I'd not seen that in England. Contestant withPatoisaccent: Richard, Me gonna go alone and say "Arange". - Louie Anderson (Playstation), "Now remember, whoever's in the lead at the end of this questiongoes on to play Fast Money, and a chance for $20,000!" Featuring the biggest celebrity match-ups: the cast of My Name is Earl, (montage clip) Ice-T vs. Joan Rivers, (montage clip) Bruce Jenner and the Kardashians vs. Deion Sanders, (montage clip) The Girls Next Door vs. Vincent Pastore, (montage clip) Kathie Lee Gifford vs. Dog The Bounty Hunter, (montage clip) Raven Symone vs. Wayne Newton, (montage clip) and more. - Richard Dawson (whenever an answer scored zero in Fast Money), "You passed. Harvey: You gonna sit up here on national TV and say "nekkid", and then point at the damn board like we gonna let you get away with it! - Gene Wood (1988-1995) (Usually before the Second Face-Off) (Ray Combs/Richard Dawson would sometimes let the winning family member read the plug before Fast Money is played). You don't--we're gonna point to the board and this is the reason you'd dump a guy, ok? ", Steve: "Welcome to Celebrity Family Feud! Family Feud Script: Roles: Announcer Host (Richard Dawson) Vidors (direct care provider team member) Slayors (Legislayors team member) Sounds: [OPENING THEME] - um, like the opening theme [FACE_OFF] - Theme played just prior to team members facing off at podium [APPLAUSE] - for correct answers [SMALL_APPLAUSE] - for Legislayors answers When we come back, we're gonna play Fast Money for $20,000. For Steve Harvey's first year of hosting, Joey Fatone opens the show by saying the name of the game show, his own name and location.). What is the number 1 Bullseye answer? Harvey:This is when you know we're goin' to Hell. Harvey: Name a job that's dirty but someone has to do itContestant: Plumber. Karn: Name a TV show set on an island.Contestant 1:Miami Vice.Contestant 2:General Hospital. Would you and your family like to have a good time? THIS AINT A COMEDY ROUTINE! - Ray Combs (going into a commercial from 1988-1989), "We're coming right back with great questions and surprising answers (and a lot more Feuding fun) right after this." And I said, "Yeah!". Dawson: Name something you might accidentally leave on all night. ", 2006 Gameshow Marathon episode: - Richard Dawson (going into a final commercial break before Fast Money is played; 1976-1985 and 1994-1995), "I need two players for $5,000/$10,000/Fast Money. Harvey: Boy, if this ain't a hood answer right here, boy. When we come back, we'll play Fast Money and a chance for $20,000." [ Joe walks up to the main podium, but Beldar walks in too far ] Okay, Doctor.. we're gonna need a little more room, big fella.. [ guides him to his side of the podium ] There you go, stand behind this line.. ), "(Please follow Family Feud on social media. Thank you! Family Feud. [buzzer]. I want to publicly acknowledge Howard Felsher, who's our executive producer. - Ray Combs (on a Face-Off during the Triple Round if time runs short), "You only get one strike, so they get to steal immediately." - Ray Combs (on occasion during the Triple Round if time runs short). Thank you very much, you made me feel right at home." Karn: Name an occupation that begins with the letter "J".Contestant: A jackhammerer. Because, if it's not up there, there's not enough points, so the other team wins." Harvey:you cando thatonFamily Feud? O'Hurley: Name the fastest-selling drug.Contestant:Marijuana. Dawson:[laughs along with audience]This man's flying airplanes for us. Combs: Name an excuse that a girl uses not to invite you in after a date. Weve lost our creator and producer, Mark Goodson. "Today on Family Feud, from (insert location here, followed in the first season by a rhyming couplet about the family name), it's the (insert family #1)!! Mike:(buzzes in)Shit. Dawson: A country that begins with the letter S. Dawson: Tell me how long is too long for a house guest to visit. Who's going first? This is the greatest show I've ever had! Let's start the FAMILY FEUD!!!! - Richard Karn (going to a final commercial break before Fast Money is played; 2003-2006), "Who's playing? In the game, participants guess popular answers to a survey question. If you do, you're gonna hear this sound:(buzz-buzz) I'll say "Try again", and you give me another answer. (insert winning family) playing Fast Money for $5,000/$10,000/(Bullseyeamount) isright after this." Premiere: "This is Joey Fatone from UniversalOrlando Resort in sunny Florida! But to do that, we've got to play the Feud!" Dawson: Name an animal with really good sight. O'Hurley: Name something that a fed-up wife might finally tell her husband to do for himself.Contestant: Umsatisfy himself. View full document. Here's the question. But, most of all, we love a challenge and the thrill of winning against all odds. I'm (your man) Steve Harvey; wegot a(nother)good one for you today. - Louie Anderson (going into a second commercial break from 1999-2002; although he makes funny jokes about the answers after the last round), "When we come back, we're gonna Triple the points and find out who's gonna play Fast Money and a chance for $20,000. Here's the star of (the) Family Feud (Challenge), RAY COMBS!!!". Thank you so very much, hello to the Kakadelas family, welcome to the Del Campos! O'Hurley: Something associated with theDallas Cowboys.Contestant: Cowboy hats. Karn: Name someone you would find in an operating room.Contestant: The operator. We will miss you, Richard. My daughter, and my wife, my two sons I love. - Ray Combs because of a Fast Money Win, "Okay, (insert family), go back! Thank you. Now, shh, shh, shh! - said after the first half of the Fast Money round, "We'll cover those answers, and we'll bring out (insert name)(who has been kept offstage)." - saidbefore the start ofthe Fast Money round, "Give me 15/20/25seconds on the clock, please! - John O'Hurley (whenever there's one answer left to be revealed on the Survey Board from 2008-2010), "We'll be back right after this." What you ain't gonna do is drag me into your little nasty world! YOU SAID IT, YOU DIDN'T ASK ME IF YOU COULD SAY THAT! - Ray Combs (on a Face-Off during the Triple Round if time runs short) Sometimes, "quickly" is replaced with a synonym for that word such as "faster". From 2002-2021, this was said before the final commercial break/fee plugs. Oh rats! I'm gonna ask you 5 Bullseye questions, each increasing value by $1,000, which means you could win up to $30,000." Thank you! It could happen." Harvey: Yeah, look at her answers you think you think that's shocking. - John O'Hurley (2006-2010), "I'm Steve Harvey. - Gene Wood (1981-1985), We will be back with more Family Feud with Richard Dawson in just a moment! - Gene Woods throwing back to Richard after plugs, "If your family would like to tryout for Family Feud, and you live in the Los Angeles area (or expect to be there), call area code [[2]]. Combs:[during Fast Money]A Christmas present you exchange. That's the wrong show!" Best Family Feud OUTTAKES Steve Harvey, Gerry Dee, Grant Denyer Bonus Round 725K subscribers 102K views 2 years ago FAMILY FEUD HOSTS GO OFF THE RAILS!. ABC - Jackie Smith, Wally Weltmen, Joe C. Albott - they kept us on the air probably a year more than they should have, 'cause were weren't really helping them. Karn: Name something that starts with the word "club".Contestant: Golf club. - Louie Anderson (said during the Triple Round when the controlling family decides whether they will Pass or Play from 1999-2000), "One strike onlyfor this question." The survey says, the number 3 answer is (insert answer). Rank Video Game PowerPoint Template. - Host about Tournament Finale, "For this game, though, we're changing things a bit. Dawson: There are some street names common to cities all over the U.S., name one. You can't possibly be trying to pull that off on national TV, you can't possibly, Arvell. "So, the Mackins were our final winning family, and they've won $5,504, and I'm proud of 'em. Welcome to Family Feud. Harvey: Two of these people are teachers in the family! Let's start the FAMILY FEUD!!!! Combs: [during Fast Money] A city where people go for a quickie divorce. (insert two winning family members). Harvey: Name something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house.Contestant: NAKED GRANDMA!Harvey: NakedHuh?Contestant: I wouldn't want to see that, either.Harvey:I know you're right, okay, no one want to see a naked grandma, what is the chances, if you break into a house and found out grandma in there, I am naked, look for naked grandma in the house, outside in the woods, in the blanket, it is the occupant person. [scored 23 points]. Combs: Name a good place to keep a second phone. Contestant: $1.75. Go to familyfeud.tv or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out how!" Try to find the most popular answer. O'Hurley: Name something you do to a fish.Contestant: Flush it down the toilet. AUDIENCE: FAST MONEY!" ", Host Introduction #1: "With/Here's the star of Family Feud, RICHARD DAWSON/RAY COMBS!!! If I look happy tonight, I am. The host asks a question, and the player who buzzes in first tries to guess the number one response. What is the top answer to this (Family Feud) question: (insert question)? Listen, everybody, welcome- welcome to Family Feud. She said, "Who makes a rainbow?". "If you and your family want to be contestants on Family Feud, and you live in or planning to visit Southern California, call us at "We're looking for fun families to be on Family Feud and possibly win $30,000 and a new car! First team/family to (reach) 400 points/dollars wins the Tournament worth (insert amount)!" (Thats) 6430 Sunset Blvd. - Louie Anderson, John OHurley, and Steve Harvey, "I'll/I'm gonna/Let me finish (reading/asking)/re-read the question." And/Playing against(insert team #2) playing for (insert charity)! We won't know until we play the Feud!" Just get your ass (scores 3 points). (cue laughter, collective facepalms, and Harvey's WTF face) can I say that? Harvey: Specifically, the kool-aid pitcher. "Thank you, and welcome to Family Feud. Let's see. If player 1 makes a correct first guess, they get control of the round. Family Feud is a mainstay in American (and international) television because people love the game. Introducing (our returning champions,) the (insert family #1), ready for action! - Ray Combs (on a Returning Champion failed to win Fast Money on the last show), "Let's play the Bullseye Game!" The sex jelly that you use. ", "((Remember to) Play Family Feud on Facebook with your friends. "(wild cheers and applause)RICHARD: Thank you, please. [BUZZER!]. O'Hurley: Name something women get tired of carrying.Contestant: A wig. I gotta do at least 30 minutes of fun and laughter, and you make me gonna cry, when you give me kind of that welcome, and I think you succeeded it. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! ", has a chance to win/force Sudden Death. It's tougher/harder, so we're going to give you 20/25 seconds." Billy Baldwin: A fax machine. It's the first thing that came to my head. Hollywood, CA. ", Ray: "Thank you (so) very much! "BEN/BAN/BAIL!" Let's start the (NEW) FAMILY FEUD!!!! Now, here's the star/host of our show, LOUIE ANDERSON!!! (I hope you had fun!) This is Family Feud. High School Reunion Tournament, (insert team #2) playing for (insert charity)! Good night." ), you (challengers) are the new champs, otherwise you (champions) keep your title! This template can be used for showcasing any sort of game content you can think of, including any Family Feud-type games. As of 2022, this phrase is said during the credits. We sure will. - Steve Harvey (commemorating original Feud host Richard Dawsons death in 2012), "Hi, folks, we have a sad news to share with you. We call it Bullseye. I got a penis look in back, in where, and all of the girls in the doghouse. If you live in the New York City area (or expect to be there), call area code [[4]]. O'Hurley: Name the age when you stop growing.Contestant #1: 12.Contestant #2: 13. You'll get the answer as we play Bullseye on the Family Feud Challenge!+ Introducing (our returning champions,)the (insert family #1), ready for action! O'Hurley: Name a part of your body that never gets sunburned.Contestant: My butt.

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