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Phone: 727-582-2267. Skyway Piers Fishing Forum. Anna Maria Bridge - 14km By. Redfish action is going well around the local grass flats, mangrove shorelines and oyster bars. , But most important, I took the opportunity to RELAX. Mmmm. These user-friendly boats are available at Topwater Kayak Rentals (as you approach the island, turn right at the ranger station and the kayak rentals will be on the right). As these are user submitted spots, there might be some errors in the exact location. It is 500 feet long. Iowa. The property was repurchased from the United States in 1948 for $26,500. For shallow water fishing the twilight periods are often the most productive fishing times, The Gulf Pier, the longest (more than 1,000 feet) of Fort De Sotos two structures, is closer to the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico, hence its name. There are six large covered roofs over parts of the pier which provide shade for really hot days. The Florida sun is relentless. Selected Weather Station: Saint Pete Beach, United States of America, 09:49 - February 3, 2023. The map below shows you the pier in the yellow circled area. Ft Desoto Park View Larger Map Fletcher Point - 14km So, I was hoping to paddle the short distance across Bunces Pass and try my luck at some beach snook from the kayak. , But, the wind would certainly be an issue. Ft. DeSoto - Bay Pier: Fort DeSoto County Park, St. Petersburg 727-582-2267 500' Skyway Fishing Pier State Park North: North Side of Sunshine Skyway Bridge 727-865-0668: Passage Key - 7km Alan Romspert of Fullerton caught a 56.8-pound tuna, and tied for second place with Bruce Chisholm of Temecula. However, some nice ones were caught using the double snell rig and dead cut threadfin. 7th March, 405,348 These guys love the little cuts of the flats, edges, or potholes and they will often be in groups so where you find one there is often a few more. , Dog & Cat Friendly Fitness Center Pool Dishwasher Refrigerator Kitchen In Unit Washer & Dryer Walk-In Closets. West of the Bay Pier, and around the 'elbow' of Mullet Key, as you approach the fort pier, the shoreline is heavily reinforced. All times are displayed in the America/New_York timezone and are automatically adjusted We even caught a 45lb kingfish while reeling in a vermillion snapper. Fishing spots and baits to use at fort desoto? North Beach - 3km , ~ Henry David Thoreau, Even if you do your research and check the weather before heading out, sooner or later every kayak, Earlier this month, I was given the opportunity to travel to Glovers Reef Atoll - a protected, Well, it's over. For A Ask. Mule Key - 5km , The temperature would reach the mid 80's. Youll be up and paddling in minutes. Fort De Soto Park Nature Trail. You can still use shrimp too, but they are more focused on the white bait or pinfish now that water is warmed up and there is more of those bait fish present around the flats. The main island is Mullet Key. E. Madeira Beach FL 33708. https://ocean.floridamarine.org/boating_guides/tampa_bay/pages/mobile_fishing_piers.html. Also, deeper edges of local flats where water is moving is a good place to find them too. Fort DeSoto Dog Beach: Passage Key Inlet (off Bean Pt.) 20:48, 00:53 - The full area approved for fishing from the pier is just 62 meters (204 feet) in length in total. Unlimited access to the best fishing spot finder in the game. Property. We managed to land 82 (22-30 lb ) yellowfin. The Copyright 2023 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. Now, it's too late. 24-hour access. Dont be surprised if you hook the Spanish mackerels larger cousin, the king mackerel, while you are fishing. Most kayak fishermen carry two or three rods so they can fish with different artificial baits without having to stop and tie on a new lure. This often makes it harder to target those hogfish that are more leader shy and dont like the stirred up murkier waters we get near shore when the weather is blowing. 170 Johns Pass Boardwalk, Madeira Beach, FL 33708, Copyright 1928 2023 |Hubbards Marina. Gus Point - 15km 1-Day 3-Day 5-Day. License activation is immediate and permanent license will be mailed with 48 hours. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 2 h 45 min to complete. Annual park attendance averages more than 2.7 million visitors. The Gulf Fishing Pier is at the southern end of Fort De Soto State Park on the west side. View our maps and read detailed fishing reports from nearby anglers. Some of the fish you can expect to catch there are snapper, snook, sheepshead, and many other types of good edible fish. Bay Pier at Fort De Soto Park will be closed to the public through Winter 2023 as Pinellas County completes the Bay Pier Replacement Project. FL. To report them in. Nouvelles Annonces. Summer Resort Key - 5km County: Pinellas. , 08:05, 17:54 - Fort De Soto was named America's Top Beach for 2009 by Tripadvisor, the world's largest online travel community. The graph below shows you the 3 hourly weather progression over the next 7 days. , On the weekend there may be a crowd, especially if its a three day weekend or holiday. Fort De Soto Park and the surrounding blue waters in St. Petersburg are home to a wealth of fish. Islamic. We ended up with 27 tuna over 200 pounds." It's a sad thing for sure. The beautiful Fort De Soto Park has two fishing piers for guests to use that are open from 7am to sunset. And they were very serious about this whole fishing thing - rarely speaking to each other - watching their rod tips closely. Isla del Sol - 10km , reading without much change is usually not a very good time for fishing. Every spring and fall, anglers flock to the waters around Fort De Soto for the annual Spanish mackerel migration. Skyway Piers Fishing Forum. Reading Time: 7 minutes Fishing from a pier is one of the best experiences an angler can have. 2: At Madeira Beach, nearshore in 30 to 50 feet of water, the hogfish bite is . Posted on September 28, 2016 by CMS User 1. I decided to take my smallest boat, the ten footer. We found a total of 97 potential fishing spots nearby Fort De Soto. Look for the cuts, pockets, edges, or points adjacent to the flats to find them grouped up and ready to eat. Ive fished both coasts of Florida for more than a decade, but Ive been primarily on the West Coast around St. Petersburg. If possible, scope out the area you plan to fish at low tide and look for any unseen obstacles, then return and fish when the water is higher. It's been said that you never leave fish to find fish. You can find them around sandy edges in the bay too, but most of the time the local passes are good areas to look. You may also purchase a license over the phone at 1-888-FISH-FLORIDA (347-4356). One is on the bay side and the other is on the Gulf. , The park is named after the fort built on the islands in the late 1900's to guard the entrance to Tampa Bay. Still, many people of all ages. Print/PDF map. The pier is over the water for 270m (295 yd). Gods Island - 6km they close. De Soto Point - 1km You also need to cross check local fishing regulations. 7 am. Soft plastic paddle tails, mirrolure mirrodines, or DOA shrimp are some great artificial options to target snook. Today our 31 anglers were treated to a long drift that ended with 19 bluefin tuna from 60-100 lbs and 2 20lb yellowfin tuna. Sister Key - 4km Cabbage Key - 7km It was not wide open but we were able to pick at them for a few hours. , water. Perico Bayou - 14km The 1,000' fishing pier is close by. Fort De Soto requires all fishermen to have a saltwater fishing license. Pretty, yes. can All you need is an old pair of sneakers, a spinning rod and a bucket of shrimp to get started. Largo, FL 33774 The fat lady hadn't sung yet, but I could hear her warming up in the wings." Fort Pickens Fishing Pier: Fort Pickens, Santa Rosa Island 850-934-2635 : Navarre Beach Fishing Pier: 8579 Gulf Boulevard, Navarre 850-936-1794 1545' long : . This lot is not covered, so bring something to block the sun from coming into your windows or your car will heat up to sizzling. United States. West of the Bay Pier, and around the 'elbow' of Mullet Key, as you approach the fort pier, the shoreline is heavily reinforced. channel, Fishing Coastal Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report, February 24 Update: Winter fishing opportunities are limited along the coast and many anglers are waiting for the return of spring to get their lines wet. 01:32, 06:05 - Fort DeSoto Pier Fishing 6,144 views May 15, 2018 36 Dislike Share Save Green's Adventures 80 subscribers Kickin it at Fort DeSoto Pier with the wife, catching some fish in beautiful,. , Atmospheric or Barometric Pressure affects fish activity. A high proximity causes big tides, currents and has a direct effect on increased bite times. I did rig 3 rods with my favorite lures and tossed a few things in my milk rate. Manatee County Beach - 13km The faster moving flashy lures are always best like a casting spoon or my favorite, a gotcha plug. Report it to Pinellas County Government using the web page below or via our mobile app. Also, its a good idea to bring some biodegradable balloons for the flat line too because when the current isnt moving much the balloon works to get that out and away from the boat. City: St. Petersburg. Zip: 33715. So, if I can search for an upgrade while at my current job, why not do it from the water? Then of course I have a boatload of tackle that I use when I fish from the kayak. 1 Beach. These Spannies, as they are called by local anglers, have sharp teeth and will slice through the light monofilament line that most anglers use like kite string. The tidal coefficient Iran. Picture Forum. Since I'd never paddled this area, I took advantage of the circumstances and did some recon. I fish mostly from a Kayak and pier along with wade-fishing and shore fishing but I occasionally will go out on a boat with one of my friends. So, with no excuses in front of me, I planned a day on the water, a Monday. Beach named Fort De Soto the nations No. Pinellas County's largest park will soon feature a long-awaited new amenity, as the county commission is moving forward with a plan to remove and replace the Fort De Soto Bay Pier. Blue areas indicate high and low tides. Huge schools of bait fish continue to hang around the Pier, drawing in a variety of predators large and small. For dog lovers everywhere the Fort De Soto dog run and beach have been designed to give that . $4 per senior. Get all the fishing intel you need to start catching more, and bigger, fish. Right off the pier you can catch everything from pompano to Spanish kings to tarpon. In low light conditions predators have better cover for their ambush and often hunt in shallow Length 9.7 miElevation gain 16 ftRoute type Out & back. Polaris Supreme docked at Fisherman's Landing August 26 under Drew Henderson's hand. The largest park within the Pinellas County Park System, Fort De Soto park consists of 1,136 acres made up of five interconnected islands (keys). Yes you can rent rod and reel at the Pier Building. Weekly fishing reports and TRENDS revealing exactly where you should fish every trip Weekly "spot dissection" videos that walk you through all the best spots in your area Exclusive fishing tips from the PROS you can't find anywhere else Lane snapper have been biting well for us near shore when we are able to get out to that 60-100ft area near shore. | All rights reserved. Mullet Key - 1km Shuffle your feet as you walk, and ideally you should have some protective shoes on. "I knew he was heavy," remarked Tom, "but he bit on the last bait on the last day at the last stop of the day. 2-3 Beds. Read more. As with fishing, there is a lot of pressure on the "job" resource these days. If you dont have your own kayak, rentals are available at the park. They were loving the live pinfish or the whole threadfin on 60lb leader with around 7-8ot hooks. Fort De Soto Park - Fishing. , 15:22, 07:02 - Thursday morning. Yet anglers often lack access to consumption-risk information. Eds Key - 13km Veracruz and Huasteca Inspiration in a Mexican Whitewater Destination, Paddling, Snorkeling and SUPing the Coral Reefs of Glovers Atoll with Island Expeditions, The Allure of Canoeing Wild Northern Rivers. Advertise. Looks like the weather will be great this weekend, there have been some yellowfin around we know where the Bluefin are and they should start biting at any given time. Davis runs a construction company from Rancho Cucamonga. My biggest before was 178 pounds. At 50% it would be at it's mean distance. So a total of 640m (700 yd) of space to fish. Replacement of light poles and electrical panels is in the works at Popp's Ferry Recreational Complex causing closures to many of the fields. Some of the spots might be in or around marine reserves or other locations that cannot be fished. You can bring your own chairs here but there are benches available. You can support us by subscribing to our Youtube Channel and sharing Fishingreminder on Facebook. There is a fish cleaning station where you can de-scale and clean your fish. , The sun will be at it's highest point at 12:43. Clambar Bayou - 14km range from 20 to 120 with a mean value of 70. For fishing, stronger tides are often favourable as they cause stronger Dog Park. center shows the current moon phase which is a, The Tideclock displays the tide status and the hours until the next Saint Antoine Key - 2km We're seeing lane snapper on cut squid, live shrimp and cut thread fins. If youre wondering about whether its crowded or not, I can help. I was more interested in my sandwich. -5 hours. Butler Hole - 5km VISIT FLORIDA is a service mark of the Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Corporation, d/b/a VISIT FLORIDA, registered in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The effect is less noticable in deeper water, but often a higher UV index can produce good Still, the "cove" where I launched was very protected, so I had a pretty easy paddle making my way to the back side of the beach. The Pier Building is open 24-hours and has some snacks to eat like sandwiches, hamburgers, fries, candy, chips, and drinks, but youre not going to find a nice restaurant here. Emerson Point - 13km It was Friday, but definitely not a bad luck day or trip, as chartermaster George bagged a 257-pound tuna for himself as the boat fished off southern Baja. We also saw solid numbers of porgies and bigger vermillion snapper too! Using number three or four wire works best for the kingfish and we use the three when water is clearer and four when its murkier. 1817 Cross Oaks Dr is 20.1 miles from Dallas Naval Air Station, and is convenient to other military bases, including NAS Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base. The 27 cows was no boat record, but 27 for eight anglers may make for some kind of mark. Passage Key Inlet - 8km 1-mile nature trail in the Arrowhead Picnic area, and a 3/4 mile nature trail in the Soldiers Hole area provides a glimpse of some the native fauna and flora. However, that would be impossible today, thanks to the wind. , Bishop Point - 15km Recipes. The younger juvenile snook are really active around the flats right now especially around those areas where they can stage and ambush passing baits. Soft plastics are a great option for the trout or free lined white bait. Get to know this 9.7-mile out-and-back trail near St. Petersburg, Florida. They were using live bait, but weren't having any better luck than I was using lures. So, after some picture taking I opted to beach the kayak, walk and wade a bit. HM Fishing Report 2-24-23. Widget. A falling or low barometer February 24, 2023 By Capt. Last Access Mission Of Solstice Kyoto. Lane snapper are a great addition to the fish box as we target the hogfish and mangrove snapper. Pinellas County. Some anglers cast net for bait off the bridge, but this isnt easy. Still, the Gulf Fishing Pier is well worth your time to come and visit and see what its all about. The . See photos, floor plans and more details about 15637 Finistere St in Corpus Christi, Texas. By continuing on our website, you consent to our use of cookies. In north St. Pete, you'll find Weedon Island Preserve, with its maze of mangrove-lined waterways. Common Fish Caught at the Gulf Fishing Pier. Anna Maria Island - 11km If you ever fall out of your boat while at Fort D, don't panic just stand up. Sawyer Key - 5km Field staff , Weedon Hammock: Gandy: early mornings, late evenings and shaded areas. Gulfport Middle Ground - 12km Fort De Soto is a populated place in US with an estimated population of 0 and an average elevation of 7 meters above sea level, located in the America/New_York timezone. We are getting a half dozen to a dozen of the mackerel trolling on the way out and back on our big party boats on our 5-hour half day. The Fort DeSoto fishing piers are along a major fish interstate. , to daylight savings. We didn't hear of anyone targeting ocean rockfish but. Jackass Key - 6km , 18:06, 11:18 - Wind strenght and direction often determine where you can fish and where fish might be holding. Patrons can pay the Countys $5 parking fee using either the Flowbird mobile app, pay-by-text, existing parking terminals or annual pass. A better choice is to bring along a weighted, gold-hook Sabiki rig, jig up your own bait while enjoying Fort De Soto fishingand match the hatch.. 19:54, 00:13 - Heres information. September is always a spectacular fishing month at Merry Pier in Pass-A-Grille, and this year proved no exception. especially on days when a major or minor time will coincide with twilight. They'll normally be found in a foot of water or less. Rocfella--There are tons of places out at DeSoto to wadefish for trout. Little McPherson Bayou - 10km Fort De Soto Multipurpose Trail. , , Preparation, an open mind and understanding that Mother Nature is the one one in charge is all you need. It is not *the* job, so my search continues daily. , Stephen Leatherman, aka Dr. Beach, picked Fort De Soto as Americas Best Beach in 2005 and Americas Top Beach in 2008 and 2009 by TripAdvisor for several reasons -- sure, it has three miles of unspoiled sand and water, but it also has enough recreational options to keep the whole family satisfied. Cow and Calf Key - 9km 22:40, At fishingreminder we don't hide behind our desk. Eleven percent of survey respondents reported that fishing kept them from going hungry in the previous year. Canoe and kayak rentals are available within the Park. THE PLAN: 3500 Pinellas Bayway S. Tierra Verde, FL 33715 (727) 552-1862 Visit Website Popular Topics. I cannot find a list of rules for the pier, but the following is probably in effect. , Fishing for snook on the beach is normally best when you can sight cast for them. Adding to the historical interest at Fort De Soto, two British breech-loading, rapid-fire rifles of 1890 vintage were installed in March 1982. I do the best I can where I'm at now. Vandalism to the electrical panels as well as the poor condition of the lighting poles at most of the fields has caused the Biloxi Parks & Recreation Department to close the fields . Field staff update the fishing reports each week through the fishing season, reporting on fishing success, lake levels, water temperatures, and other important information. Fort DeSoto County Park. The complexity of the ecology is not immediately apparent, but the park offers the greatest diversity of systems just about anywhere. Miguel Bay - 14km Also, the fishing piers along the beaches work well to give you a shot at a pompano. The Bay Pier is shorter (500 feet) than the Gulf Pier, but its every bit as attractive to anglers. km. Captain Dylan Hubbard. The address is: Anderson Blvd, Tierra Verde, Florida 33715. , 13:18, 22:51 - They have all the usual fishing gear youd need from a pier. , B = Where I paddledThe glory of this area is that you can almost always find a break from the wind, or the sun, or your fellow man. Most anglers use light line 8- to 12-pound test a relatively small hook and a float to mark their bait. I watched for birds and bait, didn't see either. Happy Halloween. T-shirts, Fishing Times From. Matt Wheaton of Laguna Beach won first place, for a 57.8-pound tuna. Youre likely to see one or two of these marine mammals cruise by in search of mullet. However, the live white bait is really working well. | Contact Us. And, after looking at the Google map, if the beach area on the west is too windy (which it was), I could have worked the area of beach facing the north (at Bunces Pass) and may have found some protection from the wind. , So , "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after" and more motion on the sea bed. We knew something was different when we had been stopped for 20 minutes with 20+ tuna hooked and we still had not put one on the boat. Address: 3500 Pinellas Bayway S Map It. , This is a really beautiful spot for sunset and winding down if you had a stressful day at work. Ray Markham. Benches line the fishing area too. Easy 4.5 (260) Fort DeSoto County Park. Now that the deep-water closure is over, we are targeting them in 140-180ft of water primarily. , Bimini Bay - 10km Some fish are still hanging around those docks that border the areas listed first too. Other shells can be found along the bay and the mud flats. Team Supreme. Hilton said he got the big tuna "in 25 minutes; my best fish ever. The Egmont Key ferry launch has been temporarily relocated to the boat ramp at the north end of the park. , Topped only by an outing on a fishing charter, pier fishing can put you in the thick of some truly epic angling grounds.As good as that sounds, there's a lot more to this angling approach than dropping a line and waiting for the fish to bite. As is often the case, once I don't catch anything on my initial casts, my adventure turns toward exploring and taking pictures. Bird Key - 10km Often the points on either side of a beach are the best spots. The pier that Marlie and Joebert fish from lacks advisory signs warning fishers of possible mercury contamination. currents Maximo Bridge - 10km Grassy Point - 14km Pier hours are currently 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, until further . . Tides. This fishing hot spot has two gorgeous fishing piers, the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. Couple of good ones. 03 of 09 Cocoa Beach Pier and fish at your leisure and expect it to be quiet and uncrowded. After a couple hours of drifting and many zing-pows. The top three inshore species spotted sea trout, snook and redfish all spend at least some part of their lives in the estuarine waters found on the back side of Fort De Soto. We did a wahoo seminar before lunch, then we ate carnitas tacos and then the rest of the day we got our wahoo leaders together while we looked for a kelp with dorados and whatever else we could catch with them though the kelps we did see weren't holding anything other then a few micro tunas. Rape Statutory On Nys. See a problem in your community? , Well, we have been pretty much regulated to near shore fishing due to weather lately its been really tough to find a good weather window to make it out deep offshore. , We are catching most of our red grouper out deeper offshore. The tide conditions at Mullet Key Channel (Skyway) can diverge from the tide conditions at Fort Desoto / North Beach. Today we have 11:41 hours of daylight. Another amazing example of the importance of the parks natural ecosystems is the more than 328 species of birds that ornithologists have documents over a 60-year span. , Skeet Key - 13km , , , Fishing licenses are available at most sporting goods stores or online at myfwc.com/license. There are 2 sides so 540m (591 yd) of fishing area for the length of the pier. For example, have one rod rigged with a top-water plug to cast around the mangrove roots for snook. Check out the long term wind forecast at the charts below. When the boat is bouncing in 6-8ft seas it makes it tough to hold bottom and present your bait in the right manner, nice and still to get the mangrove snapper chewing. Lido Beach - 12km Likewise, a small fish (my current job) is better than no fish (unemployment). Mullet Key Bayou - 3km , North Beach - 3km , East Beach - 4km , Mud Bayou - 7km , Pass-a-Grille Beach - 9km , Bimini Bay - 10km , Little McPherson Bayou - 10km , McPherson Bayou - 11km , Lido Beach - 12km , Emerson Bayou - 13km , Jones Bayou - 13km , Manatee County Beach - 13km , Clambar Bayou - 14km , Critical Bayou - 14km , Grassy Point Bayou - 14km , Joe Bay - 14km , Miguel Bay - 14km , Perico Bayou - 14km , Bahama Beach - 15km , Champlain Bayou - 15km , Clam Bayou - 15km , Custer Bayou - 15km , Tillette Bayou - 15km , Clambar Bay - 16km.

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