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And, to be honest, I dont think about Jill very often, but I do see her get posted about a lot due to some of the places I frequent on the Internet. You can do a Rodrigues tag search. When Timothy was sixteen, he started fasting weekly to try to determine what God wanted him to do with his life. The Rodrigues family currently live there. But thats not the kind of thing that most people want to talk about openly. You are allowed to state that you find someone unattractive or attractive. (If she was, shed be facing a much more serious offense.) Hope is now 53 years old, which means that hes spent over half his life with very little human contact. Pregnancy can be very validating to a vain type of narcissist. It would garner attention and public sympathy, too. Join our Discord server --- request access. A year and half into marriage, Davids first child, Nurie was born on April 19, 1999. Grandchildren and it's not like anyone in this fundie thing marries for love, it's entirely to procreate. Go to the shop Go to the shop. I think the ones who get pregnant in their 40s probably had medical help of some sort. I will admit, though, that I am human. I saw it somewhat often when I used to hang out in a certain online pink site for second wives and stepmoms. 58. r/RodriguesFamilySnark 27 days ago. So, claiming to be pregnant at age 44 could be a stab at trying to stay youthful and attractive. But in general, I am going to speak to your point that Jana should be held accountable because she is an adult who can leave and speak out against her family. Fundie Friday has done a few videos on the family. Ahem If Jill Rodrigues really was pregnant and has suffered a miscarriage, then I am truly sorry for her loss. He was 25 and she was 18.[5]. [8], Prior to beginning his studies at Fox Valley Technically College, Timothy began pilot training with a Christian pilot in a nearby town. That damnable illness is EVERYWHERE. I don't think it is a simple 100%; I firmly believe that these fundies are ultimately products of their intense upbringing and that impacts how I, personally, judge them. Today, we're talking about the Andersons, an Arizona-based brood with a lunatic pastor father and an angry German mommy blogger who openly uses gay slurs and doesn't believe in modern medicine. Hes also urging people to vote for Not Jim Bob: What would you say is the most quintessentially Rodrigues Rodrigues moment? Example: David Rodrigues looks like Shrek would be allowed. Evidently, none of them were seriously hurt, but Nathan was cited because his son, who was born in October 2021, was not properly secured. The family spends a lot of time living in an RV while traveling the country. Family Name I feel like theres so much else I should be able and willing to write about today, but I cant seem to settle on a topic. Shes facing 90 Days in jail, at the absolute worst. I was too old for Barney. They allowed their barely legal son-in-law to pay for meals while he visited, and Jill's instagram is full of examples of the family eating meals that she states were paid for by others (one example is a buffet they went to at Golden Corral, paid for by an "Aunt Julie.") Under the statute, it is a crime to. Thats a little too much like Trump wanting to date his daughter. In any case, before I saw this video, I did not know that Barneys story had a dark side. Kaylee: Kaylee is the Rodrigues' third-born child, and she is often viewed as a scapegoat or disfavored child. Bills ex wife was basically a parasite who wasted his money and drove them to financial ruin. I guess it makes sense, given the pall cast over the family by Josh Duggars incarceration. Bill is a song about a plain, everyday guy, who doesnt seem impressive on the outside, but is actually quite wonderful. Lisa's family has been involved in foster care at some point. Lastly, Jill has always had a burden to encourage others. Back on December 9, 2021, Josh Duggar was found guilty of repeatedly downloading and viewing child pornography. Otherwise, it might be time for them to meet the Lord sooner than they otherwise might have. The exact date of the impending wedding has been a source of speculation, though Duggardata has stated that it is likely to be during the weekend of July 25th. I hope like hell the incidence drops more so we can abandon this reclusive life for something a little less claustrophobic. Sometimes, the snark does slip in on occasion. Saying X looks like Y is allowed. And I know that people are following the Duggars, plus for some reason, I am still marginally interested in them. Granted, I am kind of a parasite too, but at least I do housework and at least try to save and invest some of what he makes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts There will definitely be different options depending on our mood, Can we also have an all yellow ensemble just for extra sunny days, New decree for all members of the Nothing Cult: on sunny days please be as Yellow as possible (google Charlie Kelly Dayman for reference), I don't look the best in yellow so I will be wearing the fundie standard Mustard Cardigan, not to be that bitch but i could fill a book with the amalgamation of grammatical errors in her posts, Jeremiah Duggar's Instagram: October 27, 2021. I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. I did get my new parka yesterday. When David and his family travelled, his in-laws moved into their house. School Choice Prolonging the inevitable isnt productive in the long run. Allow us to introduce them below. People are commenting on everything from Harrys claim that he only wanted two children, Meghans real age, and how she might actually be older than 41 (sister Samantha has said Meghan is, in fact, 41), to claims that Meghan had a hysterectomy years ago, supposedly due to her having had multiple abortions. Joshs wife Annas brother, Nathan Keller, and his wife, Nurie (Rodrigues) Keller, were recently in a pretty bad car accident. Because God knows, Im not wading through all that religious stuff to get to the point. John and Abbies daughter, Gracie, has the best reaction at all. Its escapism to a simpler time, when problems on TV could be solved in 26 minutes. Pictured above are the Rodrigues parents with the happy couple. Carly, herself, has had breast cancer. He could go anywhere. That is what guided my response to the referenced ask above. The Duggar family is a prime example of how pursuing fame and fortune, especially on reality TV, can lead to unexpected consequences. She is noteworthy for looking particularly thin in virtually all photos posted of her. Clean Up for Jesus with Jill Rodrigues in Ohio y'all. I'm interested in learning more about the Rodrigues family, especially about why the kids all look so sickly/scrawny. Regarding todays featured photo Did you know that you can buy fake pregnancy tests on Amazon.de that always come up positive? That about does it for today. That dog never actually made it into our house, either. Trainwreck Jill C Noyes Rodrigues / David Rodrigues / Rodrigues Family Ministries / Rodrigues Family Serving Jesus / All Things Truth Printing Ministry - Batshit MLM-shill narc mom of 13 starving children and her jobless "headship". Davids father served in the United State Army in Vietnam. Anyway, if Jill Rodrigues is recovering from a miscarriage, I wish her all the best. Please modmail us with any questions. Jill has a sister, and her husband, David, has a brother, who can no longer walk because they were injured in car accidents. Free Jinger is not a Duggar fan site. :'( But, on the bright side, I dont have to send them to college or get them fitted for braces. keepingupwithfundies. The children are often inappropriately dressed for the weather and for various activities. Some people never believed that she was ever pregnant with Prince Harrys children, Archie and Lilibet, let alone with another baby now. When I introduce people to the Rods I usually tell them about 1. the praying on the floor for Trump thing 2. old church members hating Jill so much she got yelled at at a friend's funeral and 3. the spontaneous ditch swimming when they all jumped in in their Sunday clothes. David and Jill stayed in New York for the first fifteen years of their marriage. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. David John Rodrigues was born on May 29, 1972 to Julianne (Alger) and John J Rodrigues Jr. Its all about Barney and Friends, a PBS marvel that captivated so many small children, as well as a few adults. [6] Later that day, her mother posted on her instagram account that the two had been getting to know each other over the years when their families visited and that both she and Nathan were seeking their parents' guidance in the relationship. Heidi's sister Hope just turned 16 and wears pants. Every few weeks, one of her children will post a picture on Instagram with a lengthy caption about what a GAHDLY mother she is. Its practically memeworthy, John David looks kind of like hes got one in the oven, too. For instance, when prisoners are transported, they are cuffed, shackled, and usually have to wear a black box on the cuffs, which hold the arms rigid. [3], One day, when David was 18 years old, a man came up to him at the mall and began to proselytise to him before being kicked out by a security gaurd. In 1991, David met his future wife, Jill. Tim is famous for stating that if he werent related to his sisters, hed be dating them, because they are so Godly. But shes been pretty quiet over the past few days, and besides, I dont think most people are as interested in her as I am. They were a fundie family with 13 kids whose story has a lot of eerie parallels to this bunch's -- especially regarding how the kids were treated. He met this pilot through the Wings as Eagles Ministry out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. And folks, when it comes to Jill Rodrigues, its kind of easy to be snarky. But I do think their transportation should be more humane. Probably, she will be sentenced to some community service, maybe probation, and possibly a fine. Fundie Snark (The Rodrigues family was at the Bates . Too many kids, overzealous mom leading (varying degrees of narcissism), mostly checked-out dad, not enough food, not enough education. They arent allowed to use the toilet, which causes accidents. . holy hell she looks RADIANT. This ministry helps churches and missionaries with Gospel material, John & Romans, etc. Timothy and Patricia Noyes Each week in Deep Dive December, She is unlikely to do actual jail time. This isn't the first time I've seen a grown Duggar kid use 'save the difference' like Jim Bob used to and for some reason I find it so irritating. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! But thats probably a futile and pointless thought, since when it comes down to it, most people are pretty fixated on themselves. [16], On April 5, 2022, Nurie's mother Jill posted an announcement on her social media that Nurie was pregnant again and due in November 2022. I am in awe of their talent and courage. Jills eldest child, Nurie, is married to Anna Duggars brother, Nathan, and together, they have two very young sons. I would say that Tim seems nice enough but if I were still looking for a spouse, the poor writing skills would turn me off. Condolences, by the way, to Carly Simon, who lost both of her sisters this week within a day of each other. No one should be forced to sit for hours in urine or feces because restroom stops arent allowed. David Jill Noyes Rodrigues. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Daniel Rodrigues, Jaynell Hale, Nichole Ford, Nurie Keller, Timothy Rodrigues, Kaylee Rodrigues, Renee Rodrigues, Phillip Rodrigues, Samuel Rodrigues, Gabriel Rodrigues, Tessie Rodrigues, Hannah Rodrigues, Olivia Rodrigues, Sadie Rodrigues, Sofia Rodrigues, Janessa Rodrigues. Timothy David Rodrigues was born March 15 or 16, 2000, to David and Jill Rodrigues. Even the dog looks scared of Jill. You should watch the video for the lowdown on that story. I suspect a lot of people who arent incarcerated would also like to kick his ass. I assume they would, but you know what happens when one assumes. But she bit her tongue, because her car was now his. I noticed a lot of scuttlebutt about pregnancy rumors. This is a pic of their baby cage I've seen floating around (not . I hope you had a pleasant Presidents Day. Sometimes, it even happens by accident. Religious Details I don't agree with some of them. Denomination She has a habit of blocking people who are negative. She has 13 children, with her husband, David. Young #4 Baby Watch! Josh Duggar has his date with destiny in April, read a story about a man in Texas named Dennis Hope. Well at least they werent seriously hurt this time. The Rodrigues clan is a large Quiverfull family that seems to sum up the worst of Quiverfull. [4], At some point, likely as a child, Timothy learned to play the trumpet. The Rodrigues family consists of (as of June 2020) fifteen members, two parents and thirteen children. David jill noyes rodrigues on instagram: James is not like a regular mom. On July 25, 2020, Davids daughter Nurie married Nathan Keller. Press J to jump to the feed. Were talking about fighting against a very strong drive. While in many families, fundies allow their children to begin courting before they are legal adults, it is not common for most of the well-known Christianity-based fundies to have marriages before the age of eighteen. Below is the video posted from Jed and Kateys YouTube channel, announcing Kateys condition. Like it or not, Josh still has basic human rights, and beating him up or killing him is still against the law. So its hard to come up with anything exciting to write about that is new or fresh, and I dont want to delve into politics or world events when people are struggling to be happy for the holidays. David Rodrigues is the owner/operator of All Things Truth Printing, a printing company specialising in religious tracts. At this writing, Joshs date with destiny is April 5, 2022. Fundamentalists Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Along with his siblings, Timothy was homeschooled growing up. In 2016 Casas Manuel were honoured to take part in a new Channel 4 property series "Sun, Sea and Selling Houses". Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! I hope the couple has a happy marriage. Example: David Rodrigues looks like Shrek would be allowed. It's hard for me to feel that way given the extreme measures their parents went to to limit their access to information and to train them to think in certain ways. No, of course not. The Bible makes it clear that while a husband's duty is to provide for the family and protect it (i.e. In 2017, the Noyeses bought their own home four houses down the road from David and Jill.[6]. I think there has long been a debate about how accountable the adult fundie children (who I'm going to refer to as Gen 2 from here on out- their parents being Gen 1, their kids being Gen 3) should be held for their participation in IBLP. Under Arkansas law, Janas alleged offense is a Class B Misdemeanor. Just go support Fundy Fridays in general if you are a snarkers. She loves to inspire her fellow sisters in Christ to live a victorious Christian life. Heres MY YouTube video in which I dont opine or speak or show my face, other than in pictures. [11] Hosanna Plath will be in the wedding party. Its really just Not that serious. [14] On June 17 it was announced that Nurie and Nathan were having a boy. Shes due in May 2023. His parents knew he had problems. Treating prisoners like dangerous animals just makes them more dangerous, especially if there is any chance that they will one day walk the streets again. Signup to receive email updates on our ministry. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. . Im 50, and I still havent owned my own home or had a baby. Its probably best to just ignore them give them what they claim they want PRIVACY. Someone posted on a subreddit devoted specifically to the Rodrigues family that they knew Timothy. Fundie Fridays annual Halloween special about the Rodrigues family is hysterical! People on H.G. [5] In 2015, he participated in the Virginia Homeschool Conference's music competition, but did not place in the top 3 for his category. fundiesideblogggg. Its kind of interesting that this announcement came up as Jill was sharing other big news about her children. But at least we get to hear Michelle Duggar shrieking that Katey is pregnant at about 7:30 minutes in sheesh! actually happy for this one :). He was innocent, uncomplicated, and non threatening. Maybe she really is pregnant. Large family without a steady income. Shes young, healthy, Christian, and married, and thats what people like her do. Using data driven models, we provide solutions that make a long-lasting difference. He was a student in their B.S. I try not to be too tough on the Rodrigues kids. My go-to is always all-black but we can vote on it. David John Rodrigues was born on May 29, 1972 to Julianne (Alger) and John J Rodrigues Jr. However, Heidi used to wear pants. I wonder if Jim Bob and Michelle are still feeling like God has blessed them. That kind of behavior is truly pathetic, and it has far reaching consequences for innocent people. They stated that Timothy and his siblings were starved and beaten, and that Timothy had gone through a failed courtship. Younger daughter sent us a video this morning. For instance, I am often impressed by my Bills brain. This is an intro some of the. Love Nathan". [3], Along with his siblings, Timothy was homeschooled growing up. Parents of 19 children, live in Tonitown Arkansas, and have been married since July 21, 1984. Im not sure I believe that. This week, I learned that Barney the Dinosaur, that damnable purple demon from Hell out of the early 1990s, has a dark side. That decision has been tested as Jill suffered through 5 very difficult miscarriages. I was really struggling with writers block yesterday, so after I posted about our delightful Sunday dinner at a German castle, I reposted a couple of articles from 2018. I do remember Harry had said that he would only be fathering two children, due to his concerns about the environment. Over the next year, David wandered into a local Rochester church where, at the age of 19, he met 12 year old Jill Noyes. People in Duggar Family News also shared a blog post by Debi Pearl, infamous co-author of the horrible child rearing how to guide, To Train Up A Child. merry christmas to all celebrating, fundie tumblr!!! Number of Grandchildren When I dont go on my phone for more than an hour! I have also read that getting treatment in prison can lead to unexpected and unpleasant consequences. Timothy earned his private pilot's license in July of 2019. I cannot respond to any comments. Parents Jill (often known as JRod) and David (often called "Shrek" due to his unfortunate visage) married when Jill was 18 and David was 25. Homeschool When Nurie was four years old, she became a Christian after realizing she was "a sinner in need of a savior" and asking her parents to help her . Ask me anything Submit a post. His only contact with other people is when guards come and handcuff him, then take him to an exercise yard, where he can spend an hour, alone. They have two children thus far - Nehemiah David Keller - born October 11,2021 and Newman Christian Keller - born November 16, 2022. Time to play my guitar and read more of my latest book. But I guess I can see why small children liked him. That means Nuries infant son is Josh Duggars nephew. Now she's retired to . Pearl says that when you get married, whats yours is his, and whats his is yours. But I think in a lot of fundie marriages, the truth is that whats yours is his, and whats his is his. Debi writes about how she once owned a little Volkswagen that she had taken meticulous care of and paid off completely. The RV contained an infamous "baby cage" in which their children slept. Guess hes a breast man, like his grandfather. I will admit to being part of the problem, since I read Harrys book and reviewed it on this blog. still absolutely reeling over the shaquille o fucking neal/collins family crossover. After a three year gap, Jill gave birth to four more children, Olivia (1/04/12), followed by Sadie (11/27/13), Sofia (7/15/15), and finally Janessa (4/11/18). The Turpin Family originally hailed from West Virginia. Together they have thirteen children and one grandchild. So far, they arent paralyzed, but Nurie is expecting again. I always come away learning something and I've been a snarker . What I know about them, I know because I follow the Duggar Family News page and because of Fundie Fridays. Talk of gestating a baby, real or imagined, is one way to do that. Oh god there are so many I don't know if I can pick just one lol. its hard to put into words because this announcement is on track so this is pure conjecture but this pregnancy feels like a baby will fix it situation.

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