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I grew up in a Sears house located in Keyport NJ. Its as sturdy as a house as Ive ever seen. within a fe A very special, authenticated Aladdin home just hit the market in Takoma The rest of these models are singletons, from the mid 1920s to early 1930s. national database of sears homes. Wonderful, Malissa! Andrew is responsible for adding hundreds (and hundreds) of Sears houses to our database, especially in the Maryland suburbs of D.C., in numerous counties in Michigan, and a gold mine of houses in Westchester County, New York, especially in Yonkers. Posted by ; fort lincoln cemetery obituaries; Here is the Uriel or Conway at 408 Bond Street. But what if you want something bigger than a tiny house, but not as gargantuan as the average American single family home? In fact, the No. Historic Homes Images of Sears Homes Click on the associated link for a collection of images and photographs of almost all 447 house designs sold through the Sears Modern Homes program. A Gilded Mansion in Newport Beach, CA (Unreal), Fallen Titan that is Sears department stores. Local Sears house enthusiast Karen DeJeet, who owns a Hamilton model in Forest Hills and is a member of the Sears House Finder team, has already done much of the work identifying the mail-order homes still standing in the region. I just loved the look of it, she said. More information, in this blog post of mine, documented through historic mortgage research, by Andrew Mutch, Philadelphia Inquirer article by Kevin Riordan, 418 Woodlawn Ave, Collingswood, NJ 08108, USA, Catalogs Online: Sears, Radford, Gordon-Van Tine, Sears Starlight (Sears Homes of Chicagoland), Sears Door Hardware: La Tosca, Shefton, Rhythmic, ONLINE CATALOGS on Archive.org: Sears, GVT, Radford +more. Let's take a look at a comparison of that side, for these two models: Also, the front view shows us how the front porch roof connects to the house differently, across these two models. Please contact me if you would like a free . I'm not surprised that the Argyle is likely the best seller; it had a long run and was as good-looking as it was practical. From 1908 to 1942, Sears sold more than 70,000 of these houses in North America, by the company's count. Most of us have a small collection of physical catalogs, or PDF catalogs, but we rely heavily on resources provided, especially, by our friend at AntiqueHome.org, and Daily Bungalow. Among those are: Sears Modern Homes can also be found in historic districts listed in the National Register of Historic Places: According to Carolyn Fraser's Pulitzer-winning book, Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the house that Rose Wilder Lane built for her parents, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Almanzo Wilder, at Rocky Ridge Farm in Missouri was from a Sears kit. But before all this, having to get your own home built was more common instead of getting on a waitlist for a HUD-subsidized tract home or buying one secondhand from the current occupant. Some models were offered with variations, the most common of those being expanded floor plans and additional finished living spaces. presentation, nows your chance! On another block of W 11th Street, there is an example of the Sears Modern Home No. We could make the assumption that the model we have located the most was, in fact, the top seller. Compare house designs to original catalog images. 181, Sears No. Los Angeles Modern Stilt Home Featured in Heat (Listed for $1.599 Million), International House Flipper Alex Camacho Makes $80k Profit on One House Flip, Bugsy Siegel Murder Mansion in Beverly Hills Flats (Listed for $17 Million), Zsa Zsa Gabors Pink Palm Springs Palace (Listed for $3.8 Million), 35 Kitchen Breakfast Bars The Latest In Casual Kitchen Dining. Residential construction was drastically down nationwide due to the Great Depression. The house was in original condition and was never modified while we lived there - it was sold in 2003 or early 2004. That's why we love seeking them out! This Sears mail-order house named The Crescent was built in Munhall in 1920, according to owner Molly Harbst. In other cases, the home followed the general design of a Sears house without being an exact duplicate. Would you mind messaging me with an address, so that we can add your Sears house to our (private) national database? There are many very close lookalikes to this model, so we aren't always confident that they are from Sears, when we spy them in the wild, but this house has Sears curlicues on the hinge end of the decorative iron strapping. Because these homes were constructed using pre-cut lumber and plans provided by Sears, these homes can be considered to be "Sears Modern Homes". Whatever Happened to Those Mail-Order Houses From the Sears Catalog? 1916 Sears Roebuck Modern Homes. 3 in U.S. with, at today's count, 1,963 Sears homes. hennessy privilege limited edition / what is mc hammer doing now 2020 / national database of sears homes. that ranged from simple and rustic to utterly decadent. Another old model found predominantly in that Lakeview area, was the. The house forms part of the farmstead at the museum.[40]. Ha! I know of several other models in McCandless. Sears houses can be identified or authenticated using the following methods. Sears mail-order house kits can often be identified by the shipping labels that were placed on the backside of trim. Primarily shipped via railroad boxcars, these kits included most of the materials needed to build a house. Thats cheaper than many tiny houses and with space to actually breathe and have more than one person live with you without wanting to kill each other. Also, considering that the article was published in April of 1912, all of these models would have been marketed only with their number, as no word names were given to the models until 1916. He published the design as #466 in his 1912 "Craftsman Bungalows" catalog. Today, those marks can help prove that you have a kit home. Open to the public. small-town America, 1920! Due to reviews by homeowners then and now, it would appear that Sears Modern Homes are just as appreciated now as they were then. Historic house: Built in 1911, this Sears home sits on a large, corner lot in a historic district, surrounded by antebellum homes. 171's porch roof (when it is a partial porch) connects to the house far to the right side of that upper window and then has a wedge-shape side part to that roof, so that both models end the porch just to the edge of the front door, but with a very different treatment to the shape of the porch roof there. Spatial information is available through GIS downloads or can be viewed in the BIOS Viewer. 175 (in 1913). Call me a cynic, but I often wonder why kit houses were not stolen. 4120 Adams St., Gary, IN. Square . Home Whatever Happened to Those Mail-Order Houses From the Sears Catalog? Philadelphia Inquirer: Sears Homes In the Philly S Where are the Sears Houses - February 2023 Edition, The Strange Case of the Wandering Bungalow, DC House Cat Chiming In - Historic Mail-Order Homes, Same Name, Different House Part 2 - From Aurora to the Elmwood, 1926 Sears Special Supplement from AntiqueHome.org. We thought it might be of interest to those readers to point out some more of the history of Sears houses in the greater Pittsburgh area, said Chabot, whose family still owns a Sears Silverdale model home in Northampton, Mass., that was built by her great-grandparents in 1911. Keep in mind, however, that even though we have found well over 200 Sears houses in the PA and NJ suburbs of Philadelphia, those are densely populated areas. some ch Don't miss this never before seen catalog from Sears. Our national database of Sears houses in the U.S. has over 13,500 homes on it, and, after Ohio and Illinois, Pennsylvania is No. We loosely refer to ourselves by the name. Sears Houses in Elgin, Illinois (Rebecca L. Hunter), BOOK:Houses By Mail -- published by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, BOOK: History and Field Guide to Wardway Homes, Rosemary Thornton's Sears Modern Homes website (use to search for models), Beatrice Lask Thesis: Summary list (Cincinnati Sears Homes). Homes built after 1916 can be identified as Sears kit homes by numbers stamped on the timbers. True to the companys roots in selling to rural Midwesterners, they even had a catalog for farmhouses, barns, and other barn buildings. My home reminds me of that type of architecture.. It was built in 1917. We soon realized that she had a keen eye for Sears houses (and a keen love for them, as her great-grandfather had built a Sears Martha Washington in Oakwood, Ohio), and she joined our research group. Once delivered, many of these houses were assembled by the new homeowner, relatives, friends and neighbors, in a fashion similar to the traditional barn-raisings of farming families. This product offered the advantages of low price, ease of installation, and added fire protection. . Balloon frames could be built faster and generally only required one carpenter. of the original Sears homes built from kits are still standing today. We certainly imagine that the houses have been retro-fitted with one, at this point. Sears also offered a plasterboard product similar to modern drywall as an alternative to the plaster and lath wall-building techniques which required skilled carpenters and plasterers. Or, perhaps we have background information about it to share with you!Judith. Sears, Roebuck and Company's Modern Homes program began in 1908 and ended in 1940. This was the case with most of the compact pre-1920 Sears houses. [2] No comprehensive list of their locations exists.[3]. If those were the top sellers, no model could catch the Argyle at that rate. Sears Modern Homes are something we totally need to bring back from the past for this. That year, the Aladdin Company of Bay City, Michigan, offered the first kit homes through mail order. ", "Sears Houses of Massapequa Park, New York", "Made to Order: Many American Dreams Came Out of the Sears Catalog, Including Do-It-Yourself Houses", "Yesterday's kit houses are today's sought-after properties", "The Story on Sears: Houses by rail and mail", "Syracuse house, which came from a Sears catalog, is one of only seven of its kind in U.S.", "The House Is in the Mail: 'Kit homes' from Sears and others were an affordable housing option", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sears_Modern_Homes&oldid=1142882633, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0. presentation, nows your chance! Orders were placed by mail, the See more 5,581 people like this 5,890 people follow this https://www.searshouses.com/ cyn.catanzaro@gmail.com These pre-1916 houses are generally considered "catalog houses", not "kit houses". When we find a mortgage record, we're just given a buyer's name, and a legal description of a property. We saw that on numerous Rossville/No. 159 examples that have a closed pediment in the gable (and a porch style difference). We have not surveyed all areas of the country equally. Tasty Soft Garlic and Herb Bread Sticks Recipe How to Make it in 23 Simple Steps, Villa Faberge! Powered by, Table of Sears Houses in La Porte, Indiana. Marie gives the perfect explanation of our Sears House hunt, in this. Click to visit. We cannot be absolutely certain, but the numbers do not support it. Rosemary Thornton Owners of these houses along the years may have, however, found paper shipping labels affixed to the back of trim pieces around doors or windows, or decorative moulding pieces. None of these houses are authenticated through mortgage or deed research, but they are spot-on matches for the models, and we feel certain enough of their origin, to add them to our database. Washington D.C. and its nearby suburbs have an unusually rich cache of kit houses stashed away in some of the leafy, well-tended neighborhoods where 1920s houses still shine. *Sears Americus - Temple, PA*It's been about 3 months since the last update Lara was joined by researcher Cindy Catanzaro, who researches especially in Ohio, and writes the blog. 118 In Columbia, Where are the Sears Houses - February 2023 Edition, The Strange Case of the Wandering Bungalow, DC House Cat Chiming In - Historic Mail-Order Homes, Same Name, Different House Part 2 - From Aurora to the Elmwood, 1926 Sears Special Supplement from AntiqueHome.org. Click to visit. And Sears Modern Homes werent a monolith. I'm currently working my way through the Burlington County records, but they are limited, and set up in a way that makes the process very time consuming. Like this page to learn about homes purchased as kits through mail order catalogs. built in New Jersey could look just like the same one ordered in Texas and built there, but it wasnt designed to look exactly like the other homes on the block. That's what happens The most popular models appeared in the catalog for multiple years. Photo from Realtor site. The wild pursuit began with an a Walker O. Lewis (primarily before early 1930), William C. Reed (primarily from 1922 - 1929), Nicholas Wieland (sometimes spelled Weiland), Shipping labels: Often found on the back of. This system used precut timber of mostly standard sizes (2"x4" and 2"x8") for framing. The ability to mass-produce the materials used in Sears homes reduced manufacturing costs, which allowed Sears to pass along the savings in lower prices for customers. Thank you for visiting! We have three on our list in Glenside -- one on Cedar, one on Tyson, and one on Edge Hill Rd. Basic cross-gabled two-story farmhouses are to be found almost everywhere in towns and cities as well as many rural areas throughout the United States. Designs may have been modified but generally should match in layout and dimensions. While financing through Sears helped many homeowners purchase homes, many of those purchasers defaulted during the ensuing Great Depression. Originally marketed as the. Sears provided "capital and materials", on the condition that lots and foundations were already in place. 1. Advertisements for Sears Modern Homes appeared through May 1942. 126 and a Sears No. She searched the Sears Home archive until she found a catalog with a photo and description of her home. [13] Only seven Magnolias are known to be still standing. Public records: From 1911 to 1933, Sears offered home mortgages and Sears company officials or the Sears, Roebuck corporation may be named on the mortgage or deed associated with the property where the home was constructed. In the companys own words, Sears didnt really innovate home building. I have the Farnum in New Brighton PA. 1929. Car culture hadnt yet arrived, but trains and trolleys began extending to these greener areas that were still pretty empty so you could visit or work in the city. Theres a whole checklist of signs to look for, such as stamped lumber in the basement or attic, shipping labels on the baseboards and other millwork, or even looking up your deed and records pertaining to the actual home purchase. Simply put, life was rougher. Pre-cut lumber reduced construction time by up to 40%, according to Sears. Between 1908 and 1940, Sears, Roebuck and Co. sold nearly 75,000 kit homes through its Modern Homes program, which featured 447 styles of houses, ranging from large multistory dwellings to tiny summer cottages with an optional outhouse. One of the things that Marie has done for us, is to perfectly describe our search for Sears houses, as a "badass hobby" that is akin to a "huge historical treasure hunt". But at the time, there was a housing boom taking place as people wanted to escape the crowds and disease of the cities. Other Sears houses were found dotting other areas of La Porte, but the biggest concentration of the early models, probably all from 1912, were in that Lakeview area. Those are ridiculously difficult to pin down. Researchers Cindy Catanzaro and Andrew Mutch, and the late Donna Bakke, put together a document explaining Bea's work, and listing 345 of the houses that she found, which you can see. It mightve been easier to get a job or start a business off the bat compared to the hoops and bureaucracy we have for both these days, but there was no U-Haul or Pods to make moving easier. Thanks to Ancestry.com, we are often able to get a street name from a census record, but we run into problems there, when we find a town that has no street names (yes! Weve got so much fucking housing just sitting there that NO ONE should be condemned to homelessness. The larger Victorian-style houses that were already there and scant in number were out of reach for working class first-time home buyers. The kit was greatly modified by Lane's ambitious designs. Compare that to about 330 million people today. Images are available [17] Later on in the Modern Homes timeline, Sears had in-office designers but titled them as "experts" rather than actual architects.[17]. Among those chiming in about the article was Judith Chabot of St. Louis, Mo., who runs SearsHouseSeekers.com, which serves as a depository for information gathered by Sears home enthusiasts across the country. I see you posted about the origins of Hollywood three years ago! 1232 / No. You can find catalog images for these models, in the links on the table at the end of this blog post: Also on W Johnson Road, we have new information from Nancy, who contacted me to let me know that she grew up in the Sears house shown below, a Sears. muhammad ali i am the greatest speech transcript . Thousands of developments in cities, suburbs, and exurbs have sprung up since with a seemingly endless amount of homes that were built between World War II and today. If your house was built between 1908-1940, theres a chance it might be an original Sears house. 162 Sears houses still standing, including those in the city of Alexandria. If you have any information on a Sears house or a style that is not identified, please notify the Preservation Commission. 1232 click. But it was a different story when Sears began selling house building kits in 1908. [6] Plumbing, electrical fixtures, and heating systems were options that could be ordered at additional cost; they were many families' first steps to modern HVAC systems, kitchens, and bathrooms. 181 (264P181) in the 1914 Sears Modern Homes catalog, This image is from the 1913 Sears Modern Homes catalog re-print, available, 374 Hawthorne Street, La Porte, Indiana Sears Modern Home No. People always seemed surprised to learn that Sears sold home kits. Without facts and sales records, we can make an educated guess. Ohio resident Marie Vore reached out to us one day, on our Sears Modern Homes Facebook page, with a question about a possible Sears house that she had run across in a real estate listing. ", "Bill of Materials for Sears Modern Home", "Two Italian Families and their Neighboring Sears Houses", "New Homes in Cranford for $4,000!Biggest development evolved in Sunny Acres", "Yes, Virginia, Sears Homes Were Built After 1940", "The Top Four Most Popular Sears Homes--Have You Seen These? Camden County would be a great place to search, because we know that there are Sears houses in Collingswood, Haddon Township, Haddonfield, and Haddon Heights but, how many? Thank you for visiting! Fabricated houses sold primarily through mail order, Column detail from a Sears Vallonia house, pictured alongside its appearance in the catalog, Modern interpretations of Sears Modern Homes, "Did Sears, Roebuck Sell Homes in Canada? Michigan, Indiana, and New Jersey have large overall numbers, as well. House was moved to Carbondale, CO in about 1972, Still trying to find more info.. However, in La Porte, we've also found five examples* of houses that look like a great match for the No. Rockstar, Consistent Trees, and Baryon Mass data from the Generation 3 and Generation 6 VELA Simulations. Stevenson, Katherine Cole, and Jandl, H. Ward, (1995), Davis, Michael W.R. and Schweitzer, Robert (1990), This page was last edited on 4 March 2023, at 21:18. Freestanding suburban or rural homes were more likely to stand alone in undeveloped lots instead of planned tracts that were set aside by federal and state governments and/or builders that had uniformity in mind. When the. Lg Refrigerator Temperature Min Max, Cardinal Health 2017 Annual Report, How To Cook Lettuce Indian Style, Friday Brushed Canvas Extra Slipcovers, Pacinos Italian Family Restaurant Menu, Thekkady Tourist Places In Tamil, How To Get A Job At Target, , Cardinal Health 2017 Annual Report, How To Cook Lettuce Indian Style, Friday Brushed Canvas Extra There havent been any major structural changes, she said. I think that maybe Google maps Streetview wasn't great quality on many of the streets. Capture from Google Streetview. Our research would not be possible, without online resources for Sears Modern Homes catalogs, and the catalogs for other kit-house companies, such as Gordon-Van Tine, Wardway, Aladdin, Sterling, Lewis, and Bennett. See that curled element at the hinge edge? They came in all sizes and price points before buying a ready-made house or building kit of your choosing became relegated to the tiny house movement if you dont have the resources to buy a plot of land and build from there. It even halted sales of houses themselves for a short time before restarting sales. of "Where are the Sears Houses?" Were most Sears Houses built by the owners? It was just recently sold again earlier this year. And, shortly after me, came Karen DeJeet, a Pittsburgh resident who learned of Sears houses when she found out that she lived in one (the. One of the early Sears House researchers that our group still relies on for her expertise in the D.C. housing market, is D.C. realtor Catarina Bannier (Bannier & Sandalow). Our list, by the way, began in the early years of our research group. Chabot runs a national website dedicated to gathering and sharing information about Sears mail-order homes. 5 Jun. Sears Magnolia was also known as Model #2089. rebeccahunter1216@gmail.com. 168 / Matoka: I am really (really!) Stamped lumber: Most easily found in unfinished spaces like a basement or attic, framing members were stamped with a letter and a number. Photo from Realtor site. More than 100 years of stories, product and brand histories, photographs, catalog images and more are now available online. So, I've added an asterisk next to the addresses of these possible No. The HMS data portal is a collection of models, simulations and synthetic observations of the Sun. Some of the most popular models were:[12], The largest and one of the most expensive Sears models was the Magnolia. How Many Sears Houses Are Still Out There? Sears is estimated to have sold about 70,000 of their home building kits from 1908-1940 and its currently estimated that about 70% of the original Sears homes built from kits are still standing today. You usually just left with the clothes on your back and a few trunks, and that was it. Harbst said it wasnt until after she bought the house that she learned homes were once sold through mail-order catalogs. Measuring in at a roomy 3,500 square feet, the . While the vast majority of models were for single-family house designs, Sears offered some duplex house designs and even a few larger multiple-family buildings. Other times, the legal description refers to a house being on "a road leading from York to Millville", and maybe the lot bordering "the land of Joseph Craws" usually, that road, if we can figure out which one it is, is miles and miles long, and there's no way to find "the land of Joseph Craws", so that's of no help at all. In a second blog post, I'll show the several probable kit houses that we've found in LaPorte, Indiana, from other companies. In 1906, Frank W. Kushel, a Sears manager, was given responsibility for the catalog company's unwieldy, unprofitable building-materials department. 199 (the predecessor to the Sears, We've put eleven houses on our list that we are pretty confident are the early version of the. There was one snippet in the press release that only a couple newspapers reprinted: "Following twelve years of usefulness, one old design was removed from the home catalogue in 1928, as antiquated after having been constructed more than 1700 times, which probably constitutes the world's record for any construction duplication from a single house plan, he [Betcone] says.". Did materials and labor really get that much more expensive between now and then? The first mail order for a Sears house was filled that year. Statewide, about 1,900 Sears catalog homes have been identified. Sears Modern Homes were kit homes and the framing members were stamped with a letter and a number to help facilitate construction. In some cases, homeowners used plans from original Sears homes to recreate a modern version of a Sears home.

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