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Undergraduate students have the opportunity to work alongside world-renowned faculty in state-of-the -art facilities on real-world projects that impact our society and future. Assistant Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineering. . Research Interests: Automotive engineering, energy and thermal sciences including: fuel production and formulation, alternative fuels, diesel combustion, spark ignition combustion, autoignition, spray behavior, particulate emissions, NOx emissions, emissions control, thermodynamics of energy conversion systems. Ann Arbor, MI 48109. Biomechanics Research Laboratory - Home for Biomechanics Research Research Interests: Neurobiology of memory and learning, emphasis on spatial learning and aging-driven decline; Behavioral neurogenetics and neuronal basis of behavior; Development of controlled, engineered microenvironments to interrogate the nervous system; Mathematical models of neuronal networks; Locomotion dynamics; Customized 3D printing of hydrogels; Technology (3D printing, microfluidics, nanoparticles) and engineering (image processing, computer vision, data analytics) coupled with neurobiology; Multi-scale dynamics of biological systems, emphasis on neurons and neuronal circuits; Neuronal physiology and calcium dynamics; Cell physiology, signal transduction and stress; Arts/Science integration. The U-M Department of Mechanical Engineering is located on the University of Michigans North campus in Ann Arbor, a vibrant mid-sized city known for its sprawling greenery and exposed-brick facades, its array of enticing eateries and historic theaters, and, of course, Michigan Football! Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering. Research Interests: Lecturer for ME250 and ME350 (Design and Manufacturing). Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Director of Bioengineering Program aargento@umich.edu 313-593-5029 Adnan Aswad Professor Emeritus, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering aswad@umich.edu 313-593-5361 Selim Awad Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering sawad@umich.edu 313-593-5523 Georges Ayoub Research Interests: Process-structure-property relationships of advanced materials; metal additive manufacturing; in-situ property evaluation; experimental and computational mechanics; materials discovery; design and manufacturing. Fax: 313-593-9967. umd-medept@umich.edu. Research Interests: Nano mechanics, electron microscopy, laser processed metallic alloys, metallic thin films, Research Interests: Dynamics of terrestrial locomotion, arrhythmic and transient locomotion, bio-inspired design, bio-inspired robotics, soft robotics, animal-robot interaction. Interaction between manufacturing process parameters and failure modes. The project will examine how policies will favor or support particular technology pathways.Research Mode: In-Lab, Hybrid, ME Project #7: 3D-Printing of Custom Assistive DevicesFaculty Mentor: Albert Shih, shiha@umich.edu Project Description: This project explores the use of 3D-printing (also known as additive manufacturing) for custom assistive devices to improve the quality of care for people with disabilities. Research Interests: Computational mechanics including flexible multibody dynamics, structural optimization, structural dynamics and structural acoustics; development of numerical tools for the evaluation and analysis of rattle noise. Mechanical Engineering. Research Interests: Design, Fabrication, Control and Evaluation of Human Assist Devices, Gait Analysis, Biomechanics, Instrument Design. Research Interests: Combustion and turbulence modeling; engine combustion; pollutant formation; thermodynamic properties; diesel engine combustion; natural gas operation of diesels; compressible turbulence models; metal hydride heat pumps and hydrogen storage; refrigerant properties. Upcoming Events - Mechanical Engineering - me.engin.umich.edu The short list of our greatest strengths includes computing, energy and sustainability, manufacturing, precision medicine, robotics, security and space. Mechanical Engineering Dr. Daly studies student and practitioner front-end design approaches and the integration of these more comprehensive skillsets into engineering. There are significant technical, financial, and regulatory barriers to overcome to build up the associated industry. Research Interests: Mechanical behavior of materials; micromechanical modeling; in situ/in operando characterization including X-ray imaging and diffraction; functional materials; lightweight structural metals; shape memory alloys; phase transformations; energy conversion. Engineering is at the forefront of human progress and problem solving. And the challenges we're tackling are too complex for one discipline alone. Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering (SURE) - Mechanical Searching for Patents Citation Management Software Professional Organizations Library Contact Paul Grochowski grocho@umich.edu Schedule Appointment Contact: 2321A Duderstadt Center Finding Information in Mechanical Engineering Use the tabs to the left to learn more about finding information in Mechanical Engineering. NSF Engineering Research Center for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems Research Interests: Optofluidics; Functional Nanomaterials; Bioinspired Active Optical System; Solar Optics Based Active Panel for Energy Harvesting and Storage: Integrated Molecular Detection System. Accepted applicants from the University of Michigan receive guidance by a faculty advisor in a College of Engineering research facility, a stipend of $6,000, attend regular meetings and seminars and contribute to an abstract booklet with highlights of their summer research project and/or experience. Dr. Tim Bruns is is the Principal Investigator and is a newly tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.The lab is part of the Biointerfaces Institute at the North Campus Research Complex.Our lab collaborates with and participates in journal club meetings with other labs in the . UMN Mechanical Engineering on Twitter: "The University of Minnesota's We have a project to build ultra miniature and lightweight (less than 10 milligrams lighter than a rice grain) accelerometers that fit on the middle ear bones to enhance the safety, usability, and comfort of auditory prostheses.. Our work in fabricating the accelerometers is progressing with benchtop and human testing underway, but we need a robust way to hold the accelerometer and attach it to the middle ear bones. Ann Arbor MI 48109 Professor, Biomedical Engineering . Research Interests: Research focuses on biological and epidemiological systems, aerospace and automotive structures, and turbomachinery. Depending on the students interests, the project may emphasize basic flow physics studies using large-scale numerical simulations, numerical methods development, and/or data-driven modeling/machine learning. Manufacturability-driven structural topology optimization. Deni KUSUMA | Cited by 1 | of State University of Malang, Malang (UM) | Read 3 publications | Contact Deni KUSUMA Research Interests: Biomedical instrument design, imaging systems, micro-optics, bio-microelectromechanical systems (bio-MEMS), miniature sensors, mirrors and actuators. Research Interests: My research, which focuses on making impactful contributions to the areas of manufacturing and sustainability, considers multiple scales: identifying significant opportunities to cut emissions and/or costs by conducting large scale analyses on processes, factories and material supply chains, and pursuing a rigorous technical analysis in order to capitalize on the opportunities. Previous Events. BSE in Mechanical Engineering | University of Michigan-Dearborn J.R.Barber - www-personal.umich.edu Please visit the SROP website to learn more about the research opportunities and how to apply. Research Interests: Combustion, focusing primarily on automotive engines. All participants must apply online through the SURE website. COLLABORATION. 4901 Evergreen Road. The successful candidate will be part of an exploratory research team on patterning for leading-edge devices and systems, participate alongside a global team of . Research Interests: Intelligent Maintenance of Large Industrial Systems; Optimization of Manufacturing Operations; Manufacturing Process Modeling, Analysis and Design; Precision Engineering and Metrology; Quality Control Methods. Students can participate in a RISE project a) individually with an ME professor, b) as a member of a larger multi-disciplinary project, or c) through their co-curricular experiences across the University (e.g. Classes are available in the Fall (September-December), Winter (January-April), Summer I (May-June) and Summer II (July-August) terms. Research Interests: Nanoparticle formations and interactions using computational tools (Molecular Dynamics, Machine Learning, Stochastic Solvers), with particular emphasis on biological systems, non-thermal plasma and reactive gas-phase conditions. Research Interests: Precision machine design; development of exoskeletons / robotic prostheses; brushless motors; dynamics of human locomotion; human perception and psychophysics; neural control of movement; biomechanics; human performance augmentation. Aerospace Engineering MSE | Michigan Engineering High-performance supercomputers and detailed numerical simulations to study the performance of combustion devices. Markov chain models, including the application of predictive control. Create smart machines. Research Interests: Manufacturing processes, mechanical properties of materials, modeling of the manufacturing processes, effect of processing on the strength of fabricated parts. Research Interests: Underwater acoustics, hydrodynamics, hydro-acoustics, structural acoustics, Research Interests: Computational Science and Engineering, Aerodynamics, High-Speed Flows, Turbulence modeling and simulation, Vortical Flows, Uncertainty Quantification, High-Performance Computing, Rotorcraft Aeromechanics, Adjoint-based methods, Optimization, Associate Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineering. Our faculty and students go after mechanical engineerings toughest challenges, and what they find influences science and changes lives. In this SURE project, we explore the design and manufacture of tiny grips, related to some already used in middle ear bone (ossicular) replacement surgery, like Grace Medicals Megerian Nitinol SRP, are contemplated; however our needs are different and a modified approach is indicated. SM Wu Research Center The program provides students with the opportunity to participate in research activities at a different university. M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado, 2011 B.S., Mechanical Engineering, SUNY Binghamton, 2009 Contact: Office number: 2011 Automotive Lab Phone: (734) 936-2137 Bio-sketch: Jesse Capecelatro is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan. After serving on an operational Coast Guard Cutter, I rededicated myself to pursuing my technical education and accepted a position in the USCG Marine Engineering Post Graduate Program, where I attended the University of Michigan and earned dual Master of Science degrees in Naval Architecture and Mechanical Engineering in 2012. G.G. With incomparable facilities, a great location and long-standing relationships with industry, were uniquely positioned to do research that cant be done anywhere else. EPFL (cole polytechnique fdrale de Lausanne) Apr. Michigan Robotics aims to create a collaborative community of roboticists, where through mutual respect, integrity in action, and transparency in thought, we accelerate socially beneficial advances in robotics. In this project, we are using complementary peptides or DNA strands to induce fusion between two membranes and developing strategies to have membrane fusion be dependent on calcium ions. Michigan BME not only enjoys the facilities and resources of a major research university, but also . Chemical and physical properties of fuels, alternative fuels, lubricants. ft. cleanroom nanofabrication facility. -Assignment at Engine Services for the migration of Engine tool data into the SAP . University of Michigan, BSE Biomedical Engineering, 2015 Career Summary I started doing research when I was a freshman at UM through the UROP project and continued in the lab I was in through my second year. Learn more: 28 Feb 2023 22:17:30 Current University of Michigan engineering students can complete both your bachelor's and master's degrees in only five years with SUGS by taking some graduate-level classes during your undergraduate years, so you can save yourself one semester and complete a master's with only two additional semesters. Applications include miniature robotics, medical devices, and micro-assembly. Any notification of an offer will be sent from the SUREManager. Research Interests: Computational mechanics; finite element methods; structural dynamics; flexible multibody dynamics; dynamic response of composites; vehicle dynamics; engineering mechanics education. Applications include drug transport, bacterial biofilms control, combustion, ultra-soft materials, and low temperature plasma. New product design. Research Interests: Dynamical systems, smart materials, metamaterials, phononic crystals, electromechanical systems, energy harvesting, mechanical vibrations, wave propagation, Research Interests: Fluid mechanics, reduced-complexity modeling, data-driven modeling, flow control, aeroacoustics. -Preparation of Design modifications and new designs for interior modifications for VIP and regular airline aircraft. 2023 Research Projects. Nadya Ostromohov - Senior Researcher - EPFL (cole polytechnique The program aims to provide students with an opportunity to assess their interests and potential in pursuing research at the graduate level. Our students innovate using world-class equipment and help lead our Utilizing integrated skills, students innovate using world-class equipment and help lead our most interesting endeavors with industry-leading researchers. Accepted applicants from the University of Michigan receive guidance from a faculty advisor in a College of Engineering research facility, a stipend of $6,000, and attend regular meetings and seminars. Research Interests: My research has two primary aims: (1) to apply engineering design to improve global health equity; and(2) to advance the methods and tools of equitable engineering design. Developed an advanced cleanroom process for . Outreach Working to provide the research, of NSF and the ERC/RMS, to communities beyond our own, the ERC has nurtured growth in three areas of outreach: (1) College-level, (2) Grades K-12, and (3) the Community. Multi-Disciplined area in mechanical and computer engineering. BLUELab, Multidisciplinary Design Program, International Programs or the College of Engineering Honors Program). G.G. Research Interests: Wearable Robots, Legged Robots, Prosthetics & Orthotics, Bipedal Locomotion, Nonlinear Control Theory, Rehabilitation Engineering. 0 0. . Research Areas: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Students and practitioners; Design and creativity Website srdaly@umich.edu Mark Guzdial Professor, CSE Professor, Education Research Interests: Fluid mechanics with emphasis on turbulence physics, turbulence modeling and turbulence control; high fidelity computations and reduced-order modeling of complex turbulent flows involving multi phases, fluid-structure interactions and viscoelastic effects; biomimetic and bio-inspired concepts for flow control and drag reduction; lattice Boltzmann, pseudo-spectral and stochastic methods; high performance computing. 2000 - Heinz Prechter Engineering Complex. The event Kazuhiro Saitou on LinkedIn: UM Mechanical Engineering 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition Dearborn, MI 48128. Michigan Robotics | University of Michigan Work together. Our top ranked departments and programs are home to world-class facilities and instructors. Developing next-generation, high-efficiency cars and trucks. Wei Lu Research Group - Home of the Wei Lu Research Group The University of Michigan is the best public school in the state and offers one of the best mechanical engineering programs in the country as a public school. Mohammed Asaker is a highly driven Mechanical Engineer with a diverse background in Energy, Project Management, Research and Development. Ph.D. in Mechanical Sciences and Engineering | University of Michigan Such systems will have profound implications in the future development of cell-based therapy. Mechanical Engineering MSE + Master of Management Whether youre an undergrad who wants to expand your engineering fundamentals and experience research first hand or a PhD building an academic career, your ideas and perseverance make an impact. Thesis Defense: Tong Li. Explore BME Research. Experienced in computational physics, data analysis, machine . Research Interests: Adera earned his Ph. Prof. Kira Barton (bartonkl@umich.edu) received her B.S. Heejin Kim - Graduate Student Research Assistant - University of 10 /10 academic/food. MSE in Mechanical Engineering - University of Michigan-Dearborn As the freezing front moves away from the cold plate, the temperature gradient and cooling rate at the freezing front are reduced, causing the porous microstructure to gradually change. Present research focus is on lightweight structures for land, sea and air transportation applications. 1241 East Catherine Street. Read more Realizing Breakthroughs The ENGINEERING.com job board offers the best engineering jobs for engineers, with thousands of jobs in engineering across the U.S. and Canada. Research Interests: Research and development in the field of biomedical ultrasound; understanding of the processes and mechanism involved in ultrasound interaction with biological systems for the purpose of developing efficient techniques for diagnosis and treatment of human diseases; ultrasound mediated drug and gene delivery for cancer treatment and gene therapy, high intensity focus ultrasound ablation of cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation, as well as quantitative ultrasound imaging for improved pancreatic cancer detection. 26.95L. Research Interests: Dynamics including vibration and stability, nonlinear dynamics, experimental methods. dtburke@umich.edu. Research Interests: Nonlinear water-wave dynamics, contact-line dynamics, drag-reduction technologies, and coastal engineering. so I ended up getting a masters in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, focusing on environmental sustainability. Wei Lu Research Group. Tomaz VUHERER | Head of welding laboratory | PhD | University of We are interested in creating a synthetic cell that can secrete contents upon a stimulus. This project will focus on the design and testing of a lab-scale reactor prototype to see how system parameters impact the performance of the salts. Research Interests: Mechanical behavior of materials including polymers, elastomers and soft tissue; tissue engineering of tendon and muscle constructs; constitutive modeling of growth, remodeling and functional adaptation in soft tissue; deformation mechanisms in polymers; crystal transformation mechanisms in semi-crystalline polymers; split Hopkinson pressure bar testing of polymers and elastomers for high strain rate applications including crashworthiness in automotive applications. Associate Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering. Research involving Experimental Flight Test. Reliability and productivity. Interaction of business, product, and process in engineering systems. BS in Mechanical Engineering | University of Michigan-Flint College of Applications include biomedical engineering, energy, aeronautics, turbomachinery, naval engineering and high-energy density physics. Skilled in Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Continuous Improvement, Team Building . Research Interests: Dr. Vermillions interests lie in the application of optimal control and design optimization tools to cutting-edge problems in renewable energy and energy efficiency. MI Hydrogen - U-M Research The University of Michigan Department of Mechanical Engineering, 1231 Beal Avenue, 2007 W. E. Lay Automotive Laboratory, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2133 Email: vsick@umich.edu . Research Interests: Mechamatronic system design methodology; smart materials and structures, Research Scientist Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering. Research Interests: Complex fluids, polymers, fluid mechanics, surfactants, biomolecules, transport theory, rheology, instabilities, constitutive theory. Our research runs the gamut from basic to translational, with a well-developed tech transfer pipeline. In this project, we plan to design and prototype a freeze casting system to enable improved control of thermal conditions. Developing innovative systems to build high-quality, high-performance products. SURE - Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering Research Interests: Mechanical design, precision engineering, human-centric design, mechatronic systems, and robotics. The program provides students with the opportunity to participate in research activities at a different university. Research Interests: Extensional rheometry, uretral peristalsis, LEO Intermittent Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering, Research Interests: Manufacturing; biomedical device design; biomedical manufacturing; computed tomography for inspection; neurovascular devices; precision machining of advanced engineering materials; additive manufacturing; cyber-physical manufacturing systems for assistive technology. In the current process, the freezing usually starts from a stationary cold plate. Mechanical Engineering (ME) Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences (NERS) Robotics (Rob) University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) SURE. University Of Michigan [UMICH], Ann Arbor Programs, Tuition Fees The U-M Department of Mechanical Engineering is located on the University of Michigan's North campus in Ann Arbor, a vibrant mid-sized city known for its sprawling greenery and exposed-brick facades, its array of enticing eateries and historic theaters, and, of course, Michigan Football! Research Interests: Lecturer for ME 360 and ME 461. Phone: 313-593-5241. Principal Investigator Solomon Adera Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan Education: PhD, MechE, MIT Phone off: (734) 647-2300 cell: (617) 852 - 2962 Email: sadera@umich.edu Address: 2350 Hayward Str eet, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 Off: 2428 G. G. Brown Lab: 2227 G. G. Brown Control of Solid oxide and low temperature PEM fuel cells. Research Interests: Design optimization; large scale system synthesis; automotive systems design, including hybrid vehicles; eco-design; product design. We are seeking a research scientist to perform original research advancing the state of the art in plasma etch technology. Research Interests: My research is focused on investigation 2 key areas of manipulating cell behavior for cartilage tissue regeneration: 1) genetic reprogramming of cells; and 2) cell-matrix interactions. Phone: (734) 764-2694, 2021 The Regents of the University of Michigan, Click here to access and submit application, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freeze-casting, Office of the Vice President for Communications. Specific topics include: Black-centered design, pre-college engineering instruction, eco-centric materials and decision-making, sociotransformative engineering. Prof. Kira Barton. Mechanical Engineering MSE + Master of Management About this dual master's degree: The dual degree program with the Ross School of Business presents a unique opportunity for students to supplement their engineering expertise with a foundational business curriculum and action-based learning in the Master of Management (MM) program. Title: Miniaturized Fabry-Perot Polymer Film Ultrasound Sensor for Photoacoustic Endoscope System Date: 03/10/2023 11:00 am Location: BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE RESEARCH BUILDING, ROOM 2515. Research Interests: Sustainable and renewable energy, power and propulsion systems; combustion, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics; pollution mitigation; high-efficiency, low-resource consumption energy systems; reaction kinetics; aerosol formation, transport and impact; optical diagnostics; gas dynamics.

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