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Danny Diaz, daughter Delia Diaz, Gabriel They pocketed 4 pounds and turned in just a pound as evidence, officials said. The Feds arrested him at the. It depends on the circumstances. Coach Jim White Interview & the Diaz Family Looks Back, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Now we are a runner running through the field, a figure silhouette of a runner. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Do you feel like the movie does a good job of describing that culture (of family and pickers)? Calif. To make up for the time they couldn't work in the fields due to cross country practice, Jim White would sometimes give his time to them by helping them pick in the fields. Yet his desire to always be at the front and center of action soon reached such an extent that he started blurring the line between right and wrong, resulting in his arrest in November 2015. Acting U.S. Atty. Second, he expressed sympathy regarding the educational quandary in which she finds herself. DANNY DIAZ : Uh, well, that was the last race for that year. The community of McFarland still works as a village to raise their youth. DANNY DIAZ : Running in the race, Mr. White and the rest of the guys were telling me Joses out of it. However, it was later revealed that BPD Detectives Damacio Diaz and Patrick Mara were involved in making Ramirez an informant. Leopoldo's father abandoned his wife and children. After his father left, Leopoldo and his mother decided to pack . Wife of public defender who died at Mexico resort speaks out. [LAUGHS] These guys had all the pressure. A lot of us competed in college. Is that how the last race happened? Diaz was released from prison in May 2020. gun violence, officer-involved homicides and other crime, Colin Kaepernick is an executive producer, Everyone Practices Cancel Culture | Opinion, Deplatforming Free Speech is Dangerous | Opinion. DAMACIO DIAZ, by and through his counsel, DAVID A. TORRES, hereby submits Damacio Diaz' Statement in Mitigation for the court's consideration. Diaz was active as a youth coach, and as a cop he rose quickly through the ranks before, as he said, he was seduced by the lure of easy money, by stealing and selling methamphetamine for personal profit, the very drugs he was being paid to get off the streets. But Bakersfield Police Chief Greg Williamson said the federal and internal inquiries after 18 months cleared them all. Fun fact: Rafael Martinez, who plays David Diaz in the movie, is one of my closest friends even to this day! They all spend some time running with the cross country team, as well as with their own kids. FEMALE : How McFarland had changed, um, now that the movies gone? A true crime thriller we made set in Kevin McCarthys district. Its grapes and its oranges and its almonds and its cotton and stuff in our area, but those werent available. We have also done internal investigations on many allegations that were made and once again they have been unable to uncover anything. That is definitely true. By Laura Donaldson On 2/3/23 at 8:00 AM EST So, with myself, they [CHUCKLES] made me chubby in the movie. And Johnny was with him. I notice a lot of you became teachers. "People discovered who I was, what my background was, and I was assaulted by numerous inmates," Diaz told 17 News. Like in the movie, Thomas Valles went to an overpass above Highway 99 one night after his parents got into a horrible fight. Damacio Diaz, right, shakes hands with Tomas Valles as the team readies for the start of the Southern section championships in the 1987 season. Diaz became well-known after being portrayed in the 2015 Disney movie, McFarland USA, starring Kevin Costner, about the transformation of a running team in McFarland. country team. And so, I cant keep up with my kids in high school [CHUCKLES], but I go with my little seven-year-old. He called it a fair sentence, under the circumstances, and rejected the suggestion that it was an example of dual justice: one set of standards for those viewed with favor by the system, and another set for those without resources or with no history of working in the criminal justice system. Damacio Diaz said he doesn't recognize the man he was three years ago when he was a detective working for Bakersfield police. Back then, McFarland was largely white demographically. cross country coach talks about what it And so, we have kids that are in high school and some that are in elementary school. Still, it was rarely the entire quantity as he, his partner Patrick Mara, as well as an associate, reportedly had this combined side hustle. Starring Kevin Costner, Maria Bello, Carlos Pratts, Hector Duran, Copyright 2023, CTF Media, No. No, the real Coach Jim White actually started coaching cross country at McFarland High School in 1980. Gabriel Diaz, Damacio Diaz, David Diaz, Diego Diaz, and father and mother Paul and Juanita Diaz. All Rights Reserved. FRESNO, Calif. Damacio Diaz, 44, of McFarland, formerly a detective with the Bakersfield Police Department, was sentenced today to five years in prison for bribery, possession and attempted possession with the intent to distribute methamphetamine, and making and subscribing a false income tax return, Acting United States Attorney Phillip A. Damacio is related to Elizabeth Z Diaz and Delia G Garza as well as 3 additional people. McFarland High School is actually just down the road from the Central Valley Correctional Facility, not across the street. She changed her plans following her fathers indictment. Damacio Diaz, 43, was arrested on November 20, 2015 and charged with abusing his position of trust as a police detective when he conspired with and assisted a narcotics dealer in the operation of the dealer's drug organization. DANNY DIAZ : You know, growing up in McFarland we didnt have much. This is going to be a huge hit, I live about two hours from the area it's based on and I'm really looking forward to seeing it. They are amazing guys who still have that humble hardworking attitude! The former police officer was subsequently sentenced to five years in federal prison, just to be released days early from a halfway house in Sacramento, California, on May 8, 2020. went on to college. -Congressional Record, V. 146, Pt. The Feds arrested him at the department Friday morning and removed evidence. But the guys over here were in decent shape still. View the profiles of people named Damacio Diaz. Damacio Diaz, 44, of McFarland, formerly a detective with the Bakersfield Police Department, was sentenced today to five years in prison for bribery . Youre driving on 99, the freeway, and you blink and youll miss it. Diaz this summer pleaded guilty to bribery, drug trafficking and tax evasion, and Mara admitted to selling methamphetamine. Although, the brothers did say that the town hasnt really changed much, Coach White has noticed one big change. The former NFL player is an executive producer on Hulu's "Killing County.". Diaz, a former Bakersfield police detective, is interviewed on camera in Killing County. Diaz did a lot of good things, Delaney said. Local photojournalist John Harte, who followed the team at the time, says that he witnessed opposing teams offer genuine handshakes of good luck. Diaz and his partner, Patrick Mara, later admitted to ripping off drug dealers of their methamphetamine during traffic stops. He would beat us up all the time. The disgraceful and criminal behavior of Diaz and Mara has gravely impacted the Bakersfield Police Department as well as our community as a whole, she said. They became the drug traffickers themselves, he said. Colin Kaepernick's new three-part true crime docuseries, which premieres on Hulu Friday, Feb. 3, tells the story of alleged corruption and cover-up that happened at a police department in a . Their stories were told in a beautiful way and they are excited Disney picked their tale to tell. Thats why we had the sixth and seventh runner on a team. interview. Though it is very close, Jim White likely wouldn't have had a clear view of it from his classroom window, as a street of homes separates the school's athletic fields from the prison grounds. I cannot thank all of the people involved enough for bringing this story to us. Despite the possible life sentence, a federal judge ruled Diaz can be released. How often do you guys still train together with the new students? [CHUCKLES] When we were growing up, maybe seven, eight, nine, ten thousand people is the population. Let us send you our favorite posts and ideas once a week. Chance of rain 40%. I understand he did a lot of good before this criminal activity. Mr. Diaz, their dad Paul, he pushed education real hard, too. But in reality the script that was written, we prayed that it would never happen. Copyright 2020 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. As you pull into McFarland, you will know notice a silhouette of a runner running through an open field. . As a documentary series that delves deep into the alleged corruption, cover-ups, and crimes within the Bakersfield Police Department over the years, Hulus Killing County is unlike any other. [LAUGHS]. And believe it or not, before he was a coach, hes a scientist. school and decides to put together a cross Both men are currently in halfway houses, Diaz in the Sacramento area and Mara in the Long Beach area. Thanks! ONeill instructed Delaney to directly telephone the warden of the prison assigned to receive Diaz in order to help ensure the safety of the former cop who will soon find himself behind bars. We love our dad. Plus I am a big Kevin Costner fan, I dont think I have ever not liked one of his movies. David is represented in the McFarland, USA movie along with two of his brothers, Damacio and Danny. -LA Times. [LAUGHS], JIM WHITE : Let, let me answer that, cause when Mrs. Diaz saw this film the first time, she came out and she said I love the film, but they didnt make me strict enough.. All seven Diaz children ran for Jim White and all seven went on to . So, at that point I was running the sixth man and so I became fifth man and I was, for the first time in my life in the top five. September 22, 2016, 12:07 PM. The hearing included impassioned appeals by Diazs brother, wife and daughter, with the two latter witnesses in tears through much of their statements. So, thats a big change. He had to take off to Stockton to, to be with his family with a family situation and he left us there to, to train on our own. The assistant U.S. attorney used the word paradox to describe Diaz, one of seven siblings raised in the northern Kern County farming community of McFarland in a religious family, and one that seemed the epitome of the American dream. [Asking Danny referring to the last race of the first year]. I've watched "McFarland" probably more than 200 times. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. 12, The real Jim White and wife Cheryl White actually have three daughters, Tami, Julie and Jami. They talk about being He pleaded guilty earlier this year to charges he. So, Danny youre talking about they made you a little different. Carter would then could sell those narcotics for profit. Thats because it comprises not only archival footage but also first-hand accounts of individuals closest to the matter to truly uncover this Californian citys merciless, violence-driven justice system. And he told me I want them to get their education, so I will go back and get my education. It was indeed the first time that many of the kids ever saw the ocean. Were all a year apart. Damacio Diaz was released Friday from a halfway house in. It was at the Bakersfield Police Department that Damacio was able to rise the ranks in the way hed always desired going from patrol operations to serving at several high-profile units. Both had their sentences reduced. DANNY DIAZ : That is true. 6:40 p.m. Oct. 25, 2016: A previous version of this article said the district attorneys office reviewed 108 cases involving the detectives. I feel safe knowing he is in my corner.. -KGET 17, Yes. Coach White concurred and said their mom even asked why they didn't make her strict enough. The Feds said Diaz was cheating the system in several ways -- for one, by stealing cash for drug buys or stealing the drugs from drug buys. Thank you for reading! McFarland, USA: Directed by Niki Caro. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Public corruption takes a heavy toll on our communities, and our office remains committed to prosecuting such conduct.". I used to take Damacio and some of hispeers. Danny Diaz was not overweight, but he was the seventh runner on the team. [LAUGHS] We didnt do cabbage. And we I took them to the fields because I was looking for workers to try to get us some income so we can go to Oregon and we can go to San Jose and we can put shoes on their feet. Mr. White was there as a person that we can rely on. FRESNO, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) Former Bakersfield police detective Damacio Diaz was sentenced Monday in federal court to five years in prison. Honestly, as we sat and talked with the Diaz brothers 3things were very apparent. His wife and family, including a brother who works at McFarland high school, all supported him in court Friday afternoon. With nothing to do in their small town, kidshave two choices: education and sports or the streets. Damacio Diaz, 48, is scheduled for release on May 10 while Patrick Mara, 40, is expected to be free on April 20, according to Federal Bureau of Prisons records. Damacio Diaz was sitting in his car alongside informant Guillermo "Memo" Magallanes. Diaz said that his time as a narcotics detective drove him to a life of drinking and that Magallanes, a drug dealer and a prominent member of the Mexican Mafia, became more friend than informant. That year, Mara filed for bankruptcy and said he was drinking heavily. She is preceded in death by her husband Damacio Diaz. 1972 March 9 - Damacio Diaz birth date 1973 April 17 - Noel Carter birth date 1980 March 16 - Noel Carter birth date 1982 July 15 - Derrick Penney birth date 1986 August 7 - Logan August birth date 1996 August - Damacio Diaz hired by the Tulare Police Department. David Diaz is behind Victor wearing a white t-shirt and McFarland hat. and last updated 2016-10-03 21:34:05-04. Sorry, there are no recent results for popular videos. Coach White called Thomas over. A full house of over three hundred gave a rousing standing ovation to Jim and his wife, Cheryl. Interview with Big Hero 6 Directors Don Hall and Chris Williams, Behind the scenes of Big Hero 6 Bonus Content with FEAST Director Patrick Osborne. Diaz turned his back on those opportunities and broke the trust his community placed in him, violating the very laws he was sworn to enforce. We run three, four, five miles a day just to stay in shape. In a tweet promoting the documentary, the star mentioned the high homicide and crime rates in Bakersfield, calling the series a "thriller set in Kevin McCarthy's district," in reference to House Speaker McCarthy, whose congressional district includes parts of Bakersfield. I feel like if hes gone, I wont have anyone, said Diazs daughter Caroline, a student at Bakersfield College who had originally planned to attend UCLA. Um, Im running my first half marathon soon, and, um, I just wanna know are those hills what you really trained on? Mara was released from a halfway house a month before Diaz, in April 2020, after serving just under four years in federal prison. He retired in 2003 after 23 years of coaching boys cross country. FRESNO, Calif. Damacio Diaz, 44, of McFarland, formerly a detective with the Bakersfield Police Department, pleaded guilty today to bribery, possession and attempted possession with the intent to distribute methamphetamine, and making and subscribing a false income tax return, Acting United States Attorney Phillip A. Talbert announced. The corruption scandal broke in November 2015 when federal agents arrested Bakersfield Police Detective Damacio Diaz for helping traffic methamphetamines. Join Facebook to connect with Damacio Diaz and others you may know. In an extraordinary statement, Judge ONeill spoke directly to Diazs daughter, Caroline. That was something that we did since we were third, fourth, fifth graders and by the time we got to college and were now training and, and running and living our lives with Mr. White some of us traveled out of the state, out of the country with Mr. White it became something that was gonna help us get out of our environment, and it did. 17 Damacio Diaz Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images FILTERS CREATIVE EDITORIAL VIDEO 17 Damacio Diaz Premium High Res Photos Browse 17 damacio diaz stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. The movie is based on the true story of a 1987 cross . It reviewed 87 cases. He was a fifth grade teacher and before he was a P.E. February 27, 2023 new bill passed in nj for inmates 2022 No Comments . Director Niki Caro chose to omit Luis Partida, who in the movie is replaced with David Diaz. It was back in 1987 when Damacio Diaz inadvertently became a local celebrity of sorts owing to the way he built McFarland High Schools winning cross-country dynasty alongside his two brothers. That streak ended while the movie was in production, after the small school was elevated to Division I status, a byproduct of their success. So, thatwas good. [LAUGHS] So, just to let yall know were proud of what Hollywood did and what Niki and the producer and everyone did, but we lived in a very, very strict environment and still do to this day. According to the National Park Service, citing law enforcement officials, the husband and wife were discovered on Jan. 13. View Public Details & Court Records. You know we are a God-fearing folks, so we were teaching in Sunday school on Sundays. And so, we have a great dad. Known as @lacrimes on Twitter, during almost 30 years at The Times he also has been part of the breaking news staff that won Pulitzers in 1998, 2004 and 2016. He did a lot of things for us that our dad couldnt, becauseit financially just wasnt available. Jim White moves his family after losing his last job as a football coach, and at his new school he turns seven disappointing students into one of the best cross-country teams in the region. And it didnt. The relationship between the brothers and Coach White is endearing. Damacio Diaz was a subject of the movie McFarland USA and became a Bakersfield police officer. And we try to trip him up on that, and hes very smart in that regard. BAKERSFIELD, Calif. A former Bakersfield Police detective, serving time in prison for his role in a drug ring, has been released. I can't wait to see this movie! Some, like David Diaz, became teachers themselves. And theres not much to do there. McFarland USA, released in 2015and starring Kevin Costner, is based on the McFarland High School cross-country team that won the California championship in 1987. Their actions risked their fellow officers safety for greed.. Eguenia was best described by many that Central Valley. We maybe started school but hardly any of us finished. If you havent seen a trailer yet, here you go, Follow McFARLAND, USA on Facebook:, Follow Disney Pictures on Twitter: -KGET 17. Yet this fraud used his position for gain and greed. Damacio Diaz, 43, of McFarland, California, a detective with the Bakersfield, California, Police Department (BPD), was arrested today, charged with abusing his position of trust as a police detective when he conspired with and assisted a narcotics dealer in the operation of the dealer's drug organization, announced U.S. Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner of the Eastern District of California . It reviewed 87 cases. How much or any input did you have to have on the filming, the making the movie? I still currently run. But even prosecutor Brian Delaney of the U.S. Attorneys Office seemed satisfied with Diazs ultimate sentence, a dozen years fewer than the minimum he had recommended. An elderly couple from Las Vegas were found dead earlier this month in Death Valley National Park, law enforcement officials said. "I can't say I was going to jump, but I was thinking about my life and why some people would jump. We started picking and hoeing and raking and doing everything you could possibly think of. He gave them information to clean up the department, said his lawyer, David Torres, in an interview. Disgraced cop's 5-year sentence a fraction of prosection's recommendation, Corrupt cops compel Kern DA to inform defense attorneys about 'tainted' cases. However, similar to the film, Jim White had never been a runner himself and used the bike to follow the team during their workouts. Mara said that when he partnered up with Diaz in spring 2012, Diaz walked out of a bedroom and handed him a few hundred dollars, while he stuck a large amount of money into his own pockets, according to court papers. "He told me to take my wife out on a date or buy my kids something," Diaz would later. DAMACIO DIAZ : Yeah, we just run, Danny and I, just to stay in shape. A South Valley legend so popular he became the subject of a Disney movie has taken a hard fall. School. "It was damaging. Diaz was charged with assisting a drug dealer and providing him with names of police informants, and with trafficking drugs that had been seized for evidence. DAMACIO DIAZ : Mr. White might have more than us. challenged town in California's farm-rich The film is based on a true story, about how American cross country coach James "Jim" White coached the team of Hispanic kids at McFarland High School, from nobodies to mysteries to the racing community. See Who's Searching for You. DANNY DIAZ : Once you give them your story, obviously you sign with them. They work in the school system and believe in. Then to keep him on the narrow road or that straight road is tough. . No. BAKERSFIELD, Calif., (KBAK/KBFX) Damacio Diaz, a former Detective for the Bakersfield Police Department, has been released from federal custody. He must report to federal authorities before 2 p.m. Dec. 5 to begin serving his sentence., Yes. I had never been the top five, and as you know the top five are the ones that score. Learn how your comment data is processed. Ray referred to Felicia Rosario as his "wife," though they were never married. Early on, ONeill seemed to be signaling he was taking a hard-line stance. Members of McFarland's Diaz family reflect Atty. It taught you discipline. But even worse, they say he tipped off the drug dealer when police might be coming his way, even giving the guy information from a secret wiretap. According to court documents, while employed as a police officer with the Bakersfield Police Department (BPD), Diaz handled a criminal informant, for nearly three years between April 2012 and February 2015, who was involved in the large-scale sale and distribution of the drug methamphetamine. DANNY DIAZ : east from McFarland, Mr. White here would take us to the hills. Right now our community is excited obviously with the movie and rightfully so. As he walked a Hollywood red carpet in February and talked to Action News anchor Graciela Moreno about McFarland USA, little did Diaz know his life was ready to unravel. The DOJ said Diaz and Mara deliberately failed to submit seized drugs as evidence and instead provided the stolen narcotics to Carter. Diaz initially became well-known after the release of 2015 Disney movie, McFarland USA, starring Kevin Costner. Thomas Valles went on to become a prison guard (LA Times). He will then be subject to three years of supervised release. All three girls graduated with degrees in education from Lubbock Christian University in Lubbock, Texas; Tami in 1985, Julie in 1988, and Jami in 1991. His attorney says he should be home for the holidays and then back in court in Fresno in January. And we were running number one all year long. Coach White took the orders and delivered them. There is no shame in admitting that this case has kept me awake at night, and few do, ONeill said to the packed courtroom. Their city logo and motto have both been refreshed to express the new outlook of their community. Jim White is the main character of the sports drama film McFarland, USA. Copyright 2023 Lovebugs and Postcards | Birch on Trellis Framework by Mediavine. [LAUGHS] We all, all of us are basketball players. to know what it feels like to be Diazs loyalty to Magallanes would be his downfall. When actually Disney did it we were thrilled very much so that Disney had it, because then we knew that it shouldnt have any sex and cussing and cigarettes and this type of thing, you know. Federal prosecutors in court sentencing documents said Mara had two patrol officers stop a vehicle the detectives knew was carrying 5 pounds of methamphetamine. DAVID DIAZ : He was out in my field still in the evening helping me do my work. Though according to Damacios own account in the Hulu production, his dreams and aspirations took a complete turn once he witnessed some adrenaline-pumping, actual police work first-hand. the active site of an enzyme quizlet,

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